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UK Shipping

There have been many questions regarding UK shipping and how to get the best bang for your buck.  Well, that's not the easiest question to answer because our US Postal Service seems to be working to make international shipping as difficult as possible. Keep in mind, shipping rates are based on weight, so adding dropper caps, unicorn bottles, and syringes to every bottle you order will likely have a big effect on which shipping tier in which your order falls.  The numbers below are based on 30ml bottles without add-on items.  You can likely get away with adding dropper caps OR unicorn bottles OR syringes and staying in the correct tier.  Just make sure to pay close attention to your shipping costs on the checkout page so you will know if you've moved into the next tier.  

      Price per bottle
Tier Maximum # of 30ml Bottles Shipping Cost (Assuming shipping the maximum)
1 Up to 8 30ml bottles $22.00 Shipping 8 30ml bottles = $2.75 per bottle
2 Up to 12 30ml bottles $33.00 Shipping 12 30ml bottles = $2.75 per bottle
3 Up to 16 30ml bottles $47.00 Shipping 16 30ml bottles = $2.94 per bottle
4 Up to 20 30ml bottles $63.00 Shipping 20 30ml bottles = $3.15 per bottle (we have no idea why this is more than the others)
5 Up to 24 30ml bottles $66.00 Shipping 24 30ml bottles = $2.75 per bottle
6 Up to 28 30ml bottles $69.00 Shipping 28 30ml bottles = $2.46 per bottle (here is where you start saving on shipping)
7 Up to 32 30ml bottles $72.00 Shipping 32 30ml bottles = $2.25 per bottle
8 Up to 36 30ml bottles $75.00 Shipping 36 30ml bottles = $2.08 per bottle
9 Up to 40 bottles $79.00 Shipping 40 30ml bottles = $1.98 per bottle.

Orders shipping to UK with more than 40 bottles will need to go through us directly so we can find the best shipping option for your order.  The most cost effective shipping tier requires 40 bottles.  We know there aren't many vapers who are ordering 40+ bottles, but if several people get together in a single order, they could save quite a bit. 

Understand, when packaging any international orders, to protect us from liability we MUST ship with proper labels on all products, ship with an accurate accounting of the products in the order (Packing Slip or Invoice), and we cannot alter listed pricing.

Please contact us at the office if you have any questions or concerns.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm (eastern).  If we do not answer the phone, please leave a message and we will return your call ASAP.  Our office number is 919-615-0433.  You are also welcome to email  the owner, Watch (mrwatch@vapingwatch.com). 

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