Strawberry Cake Batter

  • Strawberry Cake Batter
Brand: Tmaxx's No Frills Ml's
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Strawberry Cake Batter

Remember when mom would make a cake and let you lick the spoon?  Well, she just made a wonderful strawberry cake and this is the spoon. A really big spoon that lasts a looooong time.

This flavor did well at 150w and up testing, but we felt it shined in the 100W and lower range.  Over 100W, we didn't notice scorching, burning, or flavors breaking down, but we do feel the flavors become a bit jumbled.  In the lower temperatures, the individual flavors were quite well balanced and distinct.  Feel free to vape this flavor at any temperature, but we recommend 100w or less.

All Tmaxx's No Frills Mls products are crafted to perfection in our own lab fresh for every order.  We suggest 5 to 10 days of steeping for the flavors to reach their intended levels.  Longer steep times will always result in more potent flavors.

As Tmaxx's No Frills Mls are made to order, these flavors require 1 to 3 days processing time depending on sales volume.

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