Kiwi Strawberry

  • Kiwi Strawberry
Brand: Tmaxx's No Frills Ml's
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Kiwi Strawberry


Kiwi Strawberry: Take a bunch of Kiwi, slice em up, and put em on a plate. Now take a bunch of Strawberries, slice those up, and put em on the same plate with the Kiwi. Now mix em up and turn that plate into an e-liquid. That's exactly what Tmaxx has managed to do with this flavor. The Kiwi is definitely dominant, but the Strawberry is a very close second. It took us a while to get this flavor perfected but it was well worth the wait. Very smooth and absolutely yummy! This is also a PERFECT flavor for a bit of our Super Menth!

I vaped this flavor up to 150w with no signs of it falling apart. At 150w, the Kiwi started to mellow out and the Strawberry came up a bit, so it was actually a bit better balanced at higher watts. At 50w on my Herakles, the Kiwi is dominant with the Strawberry a close second.

All Tmaxx's No Frills Mls products are crafted to perfection in our own lab fresh for every order.  We suggest 5 to 10 days of steeping for the flavors to reach their intended levels.  Longer steep times will always result in more potent flavors.

As Tmaxx's No Frills Mls are made to order, these flavors require 1 to 3 days processing time depending on sales volume.

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