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Pluid 30ml

Pluid 30ml
Brand: Mad Murdock
Product Code: MM-Pluid-C
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Pluid 30ml

Radiator Pluid:

Genius creation by mad scientist Mad Murdock! This juice glows green and is full of wonderful notes! This is one complex e-liquid! Not only does this e-liquid taste great, it looks great in a tank! Give it a whirl!

Pluid is one of the most potent flavored juices out there. It has enough flavoring that it can be cut with PG/VG up to 50% and it still manages to sustain great amounts of flavor. Half cut Pluid is commonly known as "reduced strength". So by adding pure PG/VG you can decide the amount of flavor you want and what nicotine concentration suits you the best. Also by cutting the juice down to 10mg/ml you get twice as much Pluid.  

Please note:  Radiator Pluid may cause plastic tanks to crack and/or etch.  Pluid should only be used in metal, borosilicate, or glass tanks and atomizers.  Pluid should not be stored long-term in plastic bottles.  Plastic and/or delrin driptips may break over extended use and should be cleaned often

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