Watch's Clockwerks Custard

  • Watch's Clockwerks Custard
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Watch's Clockwerks Custard

Clockwerks Custard and Monkey Spunk are not a part of the "No Frills Mls" brand.  They are on this page for convenience, but they are branded "Vaping Watch Inc".  These flavors may not be included in "No Frills Mls" promotions.

Clockwerks Custard!
This flavor is pre-steeped and mixed to order and only available in 0, 3, 6, and 12mg.  NIcotine above 3mg may need longer steep times.
Dripper formula is 70vg/30pg and Tank formula is 50vg/50pg.

Clockwerks Custard is shipped with a child-resistant dropper cap


Clockwerks Custard is the culmination of nearly 6 months of work, testing, adjusting, and testing again in an effort to make the best Proper British Custard flavor in the industry.  We approached this task considering flavor and flavor alone when crafting this e-liquid and the end result is a rich, creamy, and oh-so-pure, TRUE Vanilla Custard!  In Clockwerks Custard we didn't include other flavors like Caramel, Butterscotch, or additional sweeteners.  When you vape Clockwerks, you taste the smoothest, purest, finest Custard flavor you can possibly get!  Simply put, there just isn't a better Proper British Custard out there!!

Clockwerks Custard and Monkey Spunk are made with ingredients known to contain diacetyl.  The total percentage of diacetyl in the finished product is extremely low (less than 1/10 of 1%) and is still 60+ times less than that which is in cigarettes.  If we felt the diacetyl content in this product represented a risk for any of our customers, we would simply not sell it.



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