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One Liter Pre-Order Special:VW

One Liter Pre-Order Special:VW
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One Liter Pre-Order Special:VW

Attention:  PLEASE READ!

This is a PRE-ORDER.

All orders must be in by August 22 at midnight. (*1)
We will begin filling orders on August 29 (*2)


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Select "COD" and check out as normal. 
Payment is preferred via Venmo 
Payment may also be made directly via 
CashApp, or 
PayPal.  (*3)
Orders not paid directly within 24 hours will receive a PayPal invoice (make sure to check your spam folders)(*4)


*1 Orders will not be processed until full payment has been received.  Any orders not settled by 08/27/22 at midnight will be cancelled unless other arrangements have been made.  If you have not settled your order by 08/23/22, email mrwatch@vapingwatch.com.

*2 In order to ensure sterility, we have arranged to rent time in a local pharmaceutical lab for mixing.  We are unable to access the lab before 08/29/22.

*3 If you wish to pay directly, simply pay the total shown on the final page of your checkout to any of the direct methods above.

*4 We are sending PayPal invoices manually.  Please be patient as we will be working as quickly as possible to get the invoices sent in a timely manner.  To pay through the PayPal invoice, simply click the "Pay Now" link in the email you receive and follow on-screen directions.

Flavor Descriptions for Clockwerks Custard and Monkey Spunk

Clockwerks Custard

CClockwerks Custard is the culmination of nearly 6 months of work testing, adjusting, and testing again in an effert to create the Best "Proper British Custard" flavor in the industry.B  We approached this task considering flavor and flavor alone and the end result is a rich, creamy, custardy, and oh-so-pure TRUE Vanilla Custard!  Clockwerks Custard doesn't have flavors like Caramel, Butterscotch, and/or additional sweeteners.  When you vape Clockwerks Custard, you taste the smoothest, purest, finest Vanilla Custard flavor you can possibly get.  Simply put, there just isn't a better Custard out there!

Monkey Spunk

Monkey Spunk is a slightly less complex version of our Clockwerks Custard with the addition of natural Banana.  That's the flavor description, but once you taste it, you'll see it's so much more!  Hints of Butterscotch, Caramel, and Chocolate will come and go.  Occasionally you might even get just the barest hint of something you'd never expect, but you'll find it works quite well (we'll leave that hint for you to discern"



Clockwerks Custard and Monkey Spunk are made with ingredients known to contain diacetyl.  The total percentage of diacetyl in the finished product is extremely low (less than 1/10 of 1%) and is still 60+ times less than that which is in cigarettes.  If there was any firm scientific proof the diacetyl content in this product represented a risk for any of our customers, we would simply not sell it.


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