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1 Gallon Mad Murdock's Pre-Order Special

1 Gallon Mad Murdock's Pre-Order Special
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1 Gallon Mad Murdock's Pre-Order Special

Attention:  PLEASE READ!

This special is for 1 Gallon of ANY SINGLE flavor of Mad Murdock liquid.
This order will be shipped in 2 1/2 Gallon bottles with standard, child-resistant caps.

This is a PRE-ORDER.

All orders must be in by August 22 at midnight. (*1)
We will begin filling orders on August 29 (*2)


Payment Information
Select "COD" and check out as normal. 
Payment is preferred via Venmo 
Payment may also be made directly via 
CashApp, or 
PayPal.  (*3)
Orders not paid directly within 24 hours will receive a PayPal invoice (make sure to check your spam folders)(*4)


*1 Orders will not be processed until full payment has been received.  Any orders not settled by 08/27/22 at midnight will be cancelled unless other arrangements have been made.  If you have not settled your order by 08/23/22, email mrwatch@vapingwatch.com.

*2 In order to ensure sterility, we have arranged to rent time in a local pharmaceutical lab for mixing.  We are unable to access the lab before 08/29/22.

*3 If you wish to pay directly, simply pay the total shown on the final page of your checkout to any of the direct methods above.

*4 We are sending PayPal invoices manually.  Please be patient as we will be working as quickly as possible to get the invoices sent in a timely manner.  To pay through the PayPal invoice, simply click the "Pay Now" link in the email you receive and follow on-screen directions.

Original Flavor Descriptions:

Mad Murdock's 710

This is Murdock's smoothest creations, much more subtle than Pluid or Maha Ras, but equally as complex.  We've been told this has hints of maple, butterscotch, coffee, and even slight tobacco notes.......everyone gets something different from this one but the one thing every one agrees on is "Smooth".  I call it my breakfast vape but it's just as good all day.  If you like coffee, butterscotch, caramel, maple, toffee, custard, and about a hundred other notes, you're sure to love this one. 


Agent Orange:

Another highly anticipated flavor from Mad Murdock Ruml and equally as confusing as the rest of his flavors.  I've had people describe this described as the whole orange.....the sweet flesh, the rind, the peel, everything.  Others have said it has tobacco notes and yet others have said it's a not-to-sweet refreshing citrus flavor.  Another juice where everyone gets a different flavor, so you're going to have to decide for yourself.


Blēdan Lotus:


Another creation by the insane genius behind Pluid, Maha Ras, and Mellow Melange (to name a few), Mad Murdock Ruml. This flavor is very different from what we're used to but it still continues his signature trio of intense flavor, extreme complexity, and subtle nuances we've come to expect. I'm beginning to think there's nothing this mad mixologist can't make!


Please Note: Blēdan Lotus may cause plastic tanks to crack & etch. Blēdan Lotus should only be used in metal, borosilicate, or glass tanks and atomizers.  Plastic and delrin driptips may break over time with use of Blēdan Lotus.  It is recommended to clean them often.

Maha Ras:

Is another BOLD, in your face flavor by Mad Murdock Ruml. It has heavy floral notes to start and finishes with more subtle fruity notes like strawberry and cherry.  Extremely complex, those who have fallen in love with this one  just can't get enough.  Mix it 50/50 with Pluid and it cuts down the intense flavors of both and makes the more subtle flavors stand out more.


Mellow Melange:

By itself, it's a fabulously complex spicy flavor.....just potent enough to be able to pick out the more bold flavors, but it also has subtle nuances you'll never quite figure out.  Taste is subjective, and everyone will get something different, so don't take my opinion as gospel.  I get Cinnamon and vanilla as the more robust flavors and a complex mix of clove and nutmeg with hits of chocolate and coffee.  Every bit the convoluted flavor mix we've come to expect, and appreciate, from Murdock.  It's an absolutely fantastic juice!

Then...........mix it with Pluid.  Holy hell, vaping nirvana!!  You will swear Pluid and MMMM are friggin tailor made to be mixed together!  To my palate, every single subtlety and nuance that's in each flavor is complemented by every single subtlety and nuance of the other!  Then you have the other, more prominent flavors of each and, I swear, they smooth out the rough edges of the bolder flavors while enhancing the flavor itself! The first time I tried M4, I thought to myself, "Wow, this is a really good juice!".  Then I tried a 50/50 mix of MMMM and Pluid and said, out loud, live on my show, "Holy s--- , this is good!".


Radiator Pluid:

Genius creation by mad scientist Mad Murdock! This juice glows green and is full of wonderful notes! This is one complex e-liquid! Not only does this e-liquid taste great, it looks great in a tank! Give it a whirl!

Pluid is one of the most potent flavored juices out there. It has enough flavoring that it can be cut with PG/VG up to 50% and it still manages to sustain great amounts of flavor. Half cut Pluid is commonly known as "reduced strength". So by adding pure PG/VG you can decide the amount of flavor you want and what nicotine concentration suits you the best. Also by cutting the juice down to 10mg/ml you get twice as much Pluid.  

Please note:  Radiator Pluid may cause plastic tanks to crack and/or etch.  Pluid should only be used in metal, borosilicate, or glass tanks and atomizers.  Plastic and/or delrin driptips may break over extended use and should be cleaned often



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