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Welcome to Vaping Watch

Update regarding your orders.  Most of the orders were shipped today.  If you haven't received your tracking information, please check your spam folder.  

There are about 10 customers who have not been shipped.  As we were packing orders, we noticed some of the boxes were showing signs of leakage.  Upon inspection, we found some defective caps and the bottles have to be refilled.  This is happening tomorrow and they should still go out with tomorrow's mail.  (Edit: The bottles were refilled and the orders repacked today, but not early enough to get to the post office today.  They will go out tomorrow)

I want to take a moment to apologize to all my customers who purchased from me during this promotion.  Anyone familiar with me knows this is not my normal service and I am honestly ashamed of this departure from my normal.  I am sincerely sorry for the delays.

First, the help I had arranged caught COVID, meaning I was going to have to handle the processing of this run by myself.  

Second, my mother had a back operation on the 7th and, due to complications during the surgery, was in critical condition for nearly 2 weeks.  I spent that entire time at the hospital with my mother and drove her to her appointments after she got home. 

Finally, a healthy and hale individual could have processed these orders anywhere from a few days to a week or so earlier.  I, on the other hand, am disabled and pretty much everything takes me two to three times longer than it should. 

I'm not mentioning this as an excuse or to engender sympathy.  I just feel you deserve to know why your order took so long to process.  

Again, I am truly sorry for the delays in getting your orders shipped out.  While I can't guarantee it won't happen again, but I will guarantee, if something magical happens in this industry and I am able to do more of these runsk I'll never attempt to do it all myself again!  (I'll be recovering for weeks as it is).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Updates will be posted here on our home page and on our Facebook page.

See below for our FAQs

FAQ 1:  When will my order ship?
Answer:  We will ship all orders in the order they have been paid.  We will not ship any orders until AFTER ALL orders have been mixed and bottled in our rented lab.  


FAQ 2:  I placed my order at the beginning of the promotion.  Will my invoice be shipped in the order it was received?

Answer:  No.  When we begin shipping orders, we will ship in the order they were paid.  However, keep in mind, since we have to rent our lab space, we have to finish mixing all orders before we're able to ship any orders.

FAQ 3:  How will my order be shipped?  
Answer:  All No Frills and Vaping Watch inc flavors are shipped in 1 Liter f-style bottles with child resistant caps.  All Murdock flavors will be shipped in 250ml glass bottles with child resistant caps (in other words, a 1 Liter order will be shipped with 4 250ml bottles and 0.5L will be shipped with 2 250ml bottles).  All orders are shipped via USPS

FAQ 4:  How will I know when my order has shipped?
Answer:  Our system will send an email once your order ships with your tracking information as soon as it is generated. 

FAQ 5:  Why does it take so long to ship a bottle of juice?
Answer:  We cannot work on one order at a time.  Due to renting a lab, we have to mix everything, then bottle for each order.  Only once all bottling is completed can we move to our shipping office.  This is the only way we can possibly process all these orders in the time available to us. 

FAQ 6:  If I order more eliquid than I can vape in a year, how can I store my eliquid to make it last longer?
Answer:  Store your extra eliquid in the freezer.  This will effectively stop any degredation and allow virtually indefinite storage.  I have personally vaped eliquid kept in a freezer for more than 8 years (a 250ml bottle of Boba's Bounty from 2013) and found it exactly as remembered.

FAQ 7:  If I wait for a PayPal invoice, do I need a PayPal account to make the payment?
Answer:  No.  You can make the payment through PayPal with any Visa or MasterCard.  Follow the instructions in the invoice email sent from PayPal.


FAQ 8:  Where is my PayPal invoice?  
Answer:  If you do not see your invoice in your email, please check your spam folder.  All PayPal invoices are sent from "Sin-Sation Mixers" to avoid vaping being mentioned in the invoice.  If you still do not see your invoice, contact us directly to mrwatch@vapingwatch.com

FAQ 9:  What is a "Drink Mixer" and how is it different?
Answer:  The USPS has banned shipping of all vaping products.  While there are vendors continuing to ship through them, they are risking their orders being seized and possible fines.  We are selling the exact same products we always have, but they are now labelled as "Drink Mixers".  The new labels will have no indication of nicotine or PG/VG ratio.  This is the lowest risk method of shipping we've found.  If you are not comfortable with this, please do not order.


We will begin processing orders on February 28.  If there are any circumstances which may delay processing, we will post it here and on our Facebook Page.




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