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Pluid 30ml

Pluid 30ml
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Brand: Mad Murdock
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Pluid 30ml

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Radiator Pluid:

Genius creation by mad scientist Mad Murdock! This juice glows green and is full of wonderful notes! This is one complex e-liquid! Not only does this e-liquid taste great, it looks great in a tank! Give it a whirl!

Pluid is one of the most potent flavored juices out there. It has enough flavoring that it can be cut with PG/VG up to 50% and it still manages to sustain great amounts of flavor. Half cut Pluid is commonly known as "reduced strength". So by adding pure PG/VG you can decide the amount of flavor you want and what nicotine concentration suits you the best. Also by cutting the juice down to 10mg/ml you get twice as much Pluid.  

Please Note: Radiator Pluid may cause plastic tanks to crack & etch. Pluid should only be used in metal, borosilicate, or glass tanks and atomizers.  Plastic and delrin driptips may break over time with use of Pluid.  It is recommended to clean them often. 

Attention:  All of our juices we sell on this site have Propylene Glycol in them to some degree.  If you have a sensitivity or allergy to Propylene Glycol, please use care when ordering any juices from vaping.watch.  

Vaping Watch Inc makes all juices in large gallon to five gallon batches in order to offer the most consistent flavors possible.

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