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Maha Ras 30ml

Maha Ras 30ml
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Brand: Mad Murdock
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Maha Ras 30ml

Maha Ras - Maha Ras is a very complex flavor, like most Mad Murdock's juices. It is also not particularly easy to describe. I will say that it is like a potpourri of fruit, flowers and spices. It is a bold, yet relaxing flavor that changes from floral to spicy with a hint of sweet fruit throughout. There is another flavor that is constant- it is indescribable, but yummy.

Maha Ras:

Is another BOLD, in your face flavor by Mad Murdock Ruml. It has heavy floral notes to start and finishes with more subtle fruity notes like strawberry and cherry.  Extremely complex, those who have fallen in love with this one  just can't get enough.  Mix it 50/50 with Pluid and it cuts down the intense flavors of both and makes the more subtle flavors stand out more.  

Attention:  All of our juices we sell on this site have Propylene Glycol in them to some degree.  If you have a sensitivity or allergy to Propylene Glycol, please use care when ordering any juices from vaping.watch.  

Vaping Watch Inc makes all juices in large gallon to five gallon batches in order to offer the most consistent flavors possible.  We cannot alter the percentages of the VG, PG, or Nic on any of our juices.

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