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Mad Murdock's 710 This is Murdock's smoothest creations, much more subtle than Pluid or Maha ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Agent Orange
Agent Orange: Another highly anticipated flavor from Mad Murdock Ruml and equally as confusin..
Blēdan Lotus
Blēdan Lotus:   Another creation by the insane genius behind Pluid, Maha Ras, and Mell..
Homemade Apple Pie
  Homemade Apple Pie: Just what you would expect, a wonderfully smooth apple pie wit..
Based on 17 reviews.
Maha Ras
Maha Ras: Is another BOLD, in your face flavor by Mad Murdock Ruml. It has heavy floral ..
Mellow Melange
Mellow Melange: By itself, it's a fabulously complex spicy flavor.....just potent enough to b..
Pluid 30ml
Radiator Pluid: Genius creation by mad scientist Mad Murdock! This juice glows green and is f..
Cutter  30ml
Cutter: This is Pluid without the nicotine and green color and a higher V..