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“ Citrus absinthe. What kind of mad genius could come up with something this good? Exceeded my rather high expectations from all I've heard about it, Pluid is something I want to have on hand all the time.  „
“ Like most of the other Mad Murdock juices I've had, this one just defies description. There is so much going on I usually just sit back and enjoy it. As stated in the description, Mellow Melange combined with Pluid is divine. One of the best combinations I've ever had. „
“ Wow. Wow and wow. I've tried the rest and now I've found the best. I won a sample jar of this along with Monkey Spunk and I have been burning through it like there's no tomorrow. Clockwerks Custard is one of the smoothest, tastiest custard juices I've had the pleasure to vape. There is not a single harsh note to be found in this juice. From the near perfect Sweetcream/Buttercream frosting inhale to the very rich caramelized sugar (but not very sweet or tangy) mid-vape to the perfect tail-end of vanilla bean and a hint of cake or cookie. This stuff is the nectar of the gods. „
“ This is one of this richest and most flavorful custards I've ever vaped. I prefer this over The Refuge's Custard Infusion. If you like custard, this is the juice you've been looking for. „
Paul Howlett (Nailz) 06/11/2015 Clockwerks Custard (Tank Formula)
“ I have tried a lot of different custards in my 2 years of vaping, and this one is very different to most other custards out there, I don't agree with the description of it being true to a British custard, I am a brit, so I know what British custard tastes like, but it is a really good custard though, I get spices from it, maybe nutmeg? if you are bored of the normal custards, then give clockwerks a try :) „
“ You nailed it, sweet front note with a banana exhale. A perfect no cal dessert vape. „
“ I got one of the free bottles thanks to Vapor Joes and just tried it today. A very nice custard, very smooth and creamy tasting. Very good vapor on a .25 dual coil build. Very good juice....thanks Vaping Watch and Vapor Joes! „
Kelly R. 06/11/2015 Pluid 30ml (Normal Formula)
“ This juice is fantastic. If you like Jelly Belly Licorice Beans you'll love this. Cut in half like the description says and it's still fantastic. It doesn't loose it's flavor cut. Will buy again! „
Forever Pink 06/11/2015 Clockwerks Custard (Tank Formula)
“ Well, no wonder I love this juice. I got it as a promotional sample...let it steep for about a week ..and then WOW!! It REALLY IS CUSTARD...Now I've read the description..and, well, duh...I AM BRITISH!! Was brought up with treacle pudding and Birds Custard, and Spotted Dick Pudding and Custard...and this IS SPOT ON!!!No artificial taste..just pure Custard...yummmmmmmm. Am seriously wondering if there is an ex-pat Brit on your staff??? Cos the Lush is also just like a British dessert called Banoffee Pie??...Please sir, can I have some more??? LOL „
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