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S. Christine 09/11/2015 Strawberry Yogurt
“ While I am thoroughly enjoying the entire line, this is the one that's hardest for me to put down!!! I don't know how they got such a REAL, ripe strawberry flavor, but I sure am glad they did. Yogurt Parfaits are one of my favorite foods and this tastes just like the ones I make- minus the granola. The yogurt is dead on creamy vanilla yogurt. Both the strawberry and yogurt flavors have exactly the right ratio of sweet to tart. Overall this flavor is just amazing!!! „
S. Christine 09/11/2015 Blueberry Crumble
“ This is the first blueberry flavor I've ever loved! It's good right out of the mailbox, but I recommend steeping. After a week of steeping, the flavor that was good became AMAZING!!! Like seriously exponentially better! I don't know what else to say... It's perfect!  „
Tommy K 09/11/2015 Blueberry Doughnut
“ Oh. My. God....That's frickin' blueberry donut!!! „
“ Awesome flavor!I didn't expect to like this one. A buttery-sweet taste that fills and coats your mouth. „
“ How the heck do you describe this flavor? Its super intense - it feels like it's got a basey-earthy undertone with like, lime zest - and bitter on the exhale; but at the same time this strange sweetness on the inhale, it also feels like a hint of floral something. Super complex - not my normal flavor profile but I find myself really digging it the more I vape it.. strangely and unexpectedly (which is a good thing). „
Dennis L 08/18/2015 Blueberry Doughnut
“ Wow I can't believe a juice this inexpensive can taste this good. The Donut flavor is awesome and the blueberry is just right. I love this juice will definitely be getting more in the near future.  „
Lord Leetas 08/17/2015 Strawberry Doughnut
“ Absolutely love this juice. Very smooth vape, this one can easily be and ADV!!!  „
1dopebloke 08/17/2015 Strawberry Yogurt
“ I ordered 7 of the 9 Tmaxx Flavors n while they were all good, this one was verrrry good. Ive since ordered many more bottles. Its a genuine strawberry flavor with a slight greek yogurt bte to it that makes this a great ADV. I highly recommend it. „
Cliff 08/17/2015 Blueberry Doughnut
“ This tastes JUST like a Blueberry Donut. Definitely a fave from the No-Frills Mils line. „
Jason 08/17/2015 Blueberry Doughnut
“ Great Blueberry flavor! Sucking this one down fast. Would recommend as ADV. „
VapnJake 08/05/2015 Custard Filled Cinnamon Roll
“ Great Flavor! Has a warm comfortable feel to it. Good clean custard on inhale and solid Cinnamon Roll on exhale... Great Dessert Flavor! „
“ Was a little hesitant to try another peanut butter juice, but this one was very tasty. I found it to be a very smooth and fulfilling peanut butter vape with a subtle sweet after taste. I will be ordering more very soon. „
Kyle Gunn 08/05/2015 Strawberry Doughnut
“ Absolutely love this one. Can't get enough of it!!! „
Matt 08/05/2015 Strawberry Yogurt
“ I am enjoying this whole product line. Everything has been so good in both vape nd taste and this one is no exception. These juices will be my go to juices. Keep up the good work guys. „
Brian 08/05/2015 Blueberry Crumble
“ Didn't like this one at all. The blueberry flavor tasted medicinal and gave me a headache. Unvapable IMO „
VapnJake 08/05/2015 Strawberry Doughnut
“ Outstandingly smooth Strawberry Doughnut. Spot on Flavor that truly pops! Definitely a "go to" juice!  „
Brian 08/05/2015 Strawberry Yogurt
“ Amazing! This stuff is even better than some of the $20 strawberries and cream juices out there. Not lacking in the flavor department IMO. „
Matt 08/05/2015 Blueberry Crumble
“ Very good taste and a very smooth vape. I get the crumble taste on the inhale with the blueberry following on the exhale. I also love the lingering blueberry taste in my mouth for awhile after. Will be ordering this again for sure, as well as suggesting to my friends. „
Bristol Vapes 08/05/2015 Strawberry Yogurt
“ I absolutely LOVE this juice !!! Arrived a few days ago and now has become my favorite all day vape! The flavor is not overpowering, just right. They hit this one right out of the ball park! The price is awesome also! „
“ I drip sub-ohm. It's good, plenty of vanilla at high temperature but a citrus note comes through - I would have preferred more of an "eggy" exhale. I will let it steep a couple of more weeks and try again. „
VapnJake 07/31/2015 Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie
“ Spot on Flavor! Strong Fudge-y Chocolate Brownie with some underlying tones of Hazelnut!  „
lasttango 07/31/2015 Strawberry Yogurt
“ I like this juice a lot - it arrived a few days ago and it's been #1 in my rotation... Can't believe the price! So inexpensive... good juice... tastes like strawberry yogurt... It's light on flavor... which I like... easy on the lungs... „
Richard Huffman 07/28/2015 Custard Filled Cinnamon Roll
“ This one is really good also, great custard flavor with just enough cinnamon bun to really compliment each other, and I like the use of real cinnamon and not the red hot burn your throat version, this one is a keeper.  „
Richard Huffman 07/28/2015 Blueberry Crumble
“ Finally good quality juice at a reasonable price, I see why this is their favorite in this line up, it's just plain good, the blueberry and cinnamon and I get brown sugar blend perfectly in this and it's spot on with flavor even right out of the mail, will be back for more. „
“ Just got my 30mL bottle, popped it in the tank, and PRESTO! Instantly happy! This is about the smoothest liquid I've tried to date. It's also one of the tastiest liquids I've ever tried, as well. Thanks for this awesome flavor combo! „
“ WOW!! I got this in the free gift pack thingie for memorial day along with a bunch of RBFS, and it's seriously the best custard I've ever had. I usually hate custards, and as I've made my own I can tell when it's over "capella's custard v1'd" (lol) this one is really rich, and has a unique other flavor I can't quite place. I'd put it ALMOST on par with vazilla, my favorite vanilla juice, and it's the only custard I'll vape. „
“ Thick, rich, creamy flave. Full bodied and just the way i like it!!!! „
Paul Howlett (Nailz) 06/11/2015 Watch's Monkey Spunk (Tank Formula)
“ Another good custard, and prefect as it has banana, I get light caramel, bananas with custard, could easily be a ADV, and to add, you get some strange faces when someone asks you 'what are you vaping' and you reply with 'Monkey Spunk' lol „
“ Exactly as advertised. Probably the best straight up custard I've ever had. Good job! „
“ Wow. I received my free bottle (thank you!) on Friday and got to try this one last night. So creamy banana custard flavor with some kind of spice I'm still trying to grasp. One of my faves, for sure. „
“ Goddamn. It's like inhaling incense, something I've wanted to do since I was a kid. Quite possibly my favorite MM juice right after Pluid. „
“ Citrus absinthe. What kind of mad genius could come up with something this good? Exceeded my rather high expectations from all I've heard about it, Pluid is something I want to have on hand all the time.  „
“ Like most of the other Mad Murdock juices I've had, this one just defies description. There is so much going on I usually just sit back and enjoy it. As stated in the description, Mellow Melange combined with Pluid is divine. One of the best combinations I've ever had. „
“ Wow. Wow and wow. I've tried the rest and now I've found the best. I won a sample jar of this along with Monkey Spunk and I have been burning through it like there's no tomorrow. Clockwerks Custard is one of the smoothest, tastiest custard juices I've had the pleasure to vape. There is not a single harsh note to be found in this juice. From the near perfect Sweetcream/Buttercream frosting inhale to the very rich caramelized sugar (but not very sweet or tangy) mid-vape to the perfect tail-end of vanilla bean and a hint of cake or cookie. This stuff is the nectar of the gods. „
“ This is one of this richest and most flavorful custards I've ever vaped. I prefer this over The Refuge's Custard Infusion. If you like custard, this is the juice you've been looking for. „
Paul Howlett (Nailz) 06/11/2015 Watch's Clockwerks Custard (Tank Formula)
“ I have tried a lot of different custards in my 2 years of vaping, and this one is very different to most other custards out there, I don't agree with the description of it being true to a British custard, I am a brit, so I know what British custard tastes like, but it is a really good custard though, I get spices from it, maybe nutmeg? if you are bored of the normal custards, then give clockwerks a try :) „
“ You nailed it, sweet front note with a banana exhale. A perfect no cal dessert vape. „
“ I got one of the free bottles thanks to Vapor Joes and just tried it today. A very nice custard, very smooth and creamy tasting. Very good vapor on a .25 dual coil build. Very good juice....thanks Vaping Watch and Vapor Joes! „
Kelly R. 06/11/2015 Pluid 30ml (Normal Formula)
“ This juice is fantastic. If you like Jelly Belly Licorice Beans you'll love this. Cut in half like the description says and it's still fantastic. It doesn't loose it's flavor cut. Will buy again! „
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