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Andrew S. 10/30/2015 Homemade Apple Pie
“ Got the regular recipe, and was very, very satisfied with it. Makes me want to try the boosted flavor now. Cheaper than the real thing, tastes exactly the same, and will last you longer than an actual apple pie. Just wish I had some ice cream to put on top.  „
Andrew S. 10/30/2015 Blueberry Doughnut
“ A very close second for my favorites so far. A great doughnut flavor and the blueberry is not as overwhelming as others, but still makes for a pleasant all day vape. This one was gone as fast as the strawberry.  „
Andrew S. 10/30/2015 Strawberry Doughnut
“ My favorite already. Unlike other brands, this one had a definite taste of doughnut, unlike others where the strawberry is overwhelming, and the doughnut flavor hides in the background. Have to try the others, but this seems to be my go to along with the blueberry doughnut. The other makers who charge 3 to 4 times the amount, don't come close to this.  „
Chris 10/29/2015 Blueberry Yogurt
“ I purchased 6 bottles of the no frills, and recieved them today. This one was my least favorite. The blueberry was different than any other blueberry I've tried, was a bit to sour, and over powered the actual yogurt flavor. I think if a sweeter blueberry was used this would be great. „
Jim 10/28/2015 Strawberry Doughnut
“ While the flavor is good, and is as described, It just wasnt my cup of tea. I ordered it with 4 juices to get an idea of the line. I like to try new flavors, sometimes its a hit, sometimes not so much. The fault inst the juice, just not to my tastes. If you like doughnut vapes this may be for you. „
“ This was my second favorite of the 4 juices I ordered. Love the peanut butter and slight custard flavor. Dripped most of it already, cant wait until Monday to order more.  „
Jim 10/28/2015 Strawberry Yogurt
“ I ordered 4 flavors, and this is my favourite of them. I went through this juice fast and the empty bottle is all thats left. Great strawberry flavor with a hint of yogurt to me. This is a definite reorder. „
Shane Conner 10/28/2015 Blueberry Crumble
“ This was amazing right from the mailbox, it was so good in fact the bottle only lasted me 2 and a half days. Wish I could get it in 120ml! „
“ I just received this juice today and WOW! I had set my expectations a lil low just based on price, but I was waaaay off. This is a really, really good juice, that is already steeped at 70/30 6mg and the flavor is SPOT ON! I am vaping/"eating" a lemon crème doughnut as I type this review. I will be reordering and also can't wait to try to 4 other flavors I ordered with this EXCELLENT JUICE! „
Mike o 10/24/2015 Strawberry Doughnut
“ This juice is excellent nice smooth milky.strawberry doughnut try this juice is my all day vape.this company is awesome tha price is excellent.they even true some samples.wow tha shipping is super fast it got to me in 2days.ADV „
Chris 10/23/2015 Strawberry Yogurt
“ I purchased 6 bottles of the no frills, and recieved them today. This one was my favorite!!! Great strawberry on the inhale, yogurt on the exhale. 5 stars on this one. I think this one needs to steep a few days, as the flavor is just a tad light for me, but it has such an amazing flavor. Love this! „
Chris 10/23/2015 Strawberry Doughnut
“ I purchased 6 bottles of the no frills, and recieved them today. This strawberry donut, is spot on. The flavor is perfect, just the right amount of sweet strawberry, with a light donut finish. 5 stars on this one. I wish now I would of purchased the lemon donut, that will be next. Great job on this strawberry donut.  „
Chris 10/23/2015 Strawberry Custard
“ I purchased 6 bottles of the no frills, and recieved them today. This strawberry custard is very good. Nice strawberry on the inhale, and an amazing creamy custard on the exhale. Spot on for a strawberry custard. „
walt r 10/17/2015 Homemade Apple Pie
“ So I got a few bottles of tmaxx's joos. Came well packed. I like the syringe/dropper options. This is the third tmaxx flav I have tried. This is my favorite so far. I got the boosted apple version and it hits the spot. It is sweet, tangy like a fresh apple, without being too strong or forcing the flavor duplication. There is a hint of bakery cinnamon that makes this taste like freshly nuked apple slices with a little sugar and cinnamon. Yummy! „
“ So I got a few bottles of tmaxx's joos. Came well packed. I like the syringe/dropper options. This Chocolate Brownie is righteous. Would buy again. I was looking for something that would allow my palate to re-adjust after citrus or other strong flavored liquid. Since it was recently received, I'm hoping his may be it. Time will tell.  „
walt r 10/17/2015 Blueberry Custard
“ So I got a few bottles of tmaxx's joos. Came well packed. I like the syringe/dropper options. This Blueberry Custard is right on. It was my all day vape till it was gone. Would buy again.  „
“ I have tried 11 of the juices in this line and this is by far my fav ! I just ordered 3 more and I am sure this one is one I will always have in my rotation.  „
stevedave 10/12/2015 Dragon Bananafruit
“ Banana cream, strawberry and dragonfruit? Jeez, I wonder if this came from reddit... *cough*fizzmustard'snanacreamclone*cough* {Watch's Note: We do not copy or borrow recipes for our juices. That said, these recipes are INCREDIBLY simple......most with only 3 or 4 ingredients (not including nic, pg, and vg). The likelihood of many people coming up with similar recipes is very high. The purpose of the "No Frills" line is not to be unique or to wow people with unusual or creative flavors. The purpose is to provide a quality product at an exceptional price.} „
“ Tastes just like banana taffy! I got this for free and didn't think I'd like it. I was shocked to not only keep vaping it but then refill my tank immediately! „
“ Very unique custard. I quite like it „
“ I am vaping this on a Oremata rda, single coil at .45 ohms at about 20w on a IPV D2. Nice natural lemon flavor, I taste the doughnut, but its not my favourite part of the flavor. One of the best lemon flavors I have tried, and I have tried a lot. I would buy bottle after bottle of the lemon cream by itself. It tastes exactly like its described so it gets a high rating.  „
Jerry Taft 10/08/2015 Blueberry Crumble
“ 30PG/70PG - 12mg; Arrived today and, even without steeping, I find this is a perfect blend - slightly sweet blueberry on the inhale followed by a mild warm toasted cinnamon on the the exhale. None of the flavors are overpowering. Good throat hit and vapor production even at 3.7 volts Love it! Thank you „
Jerry Taft 10/08/2015 Blueberry Crumble
“ Blueberry Crumble - 30VG/70PG - 12mg - just received it today - didn't allow for any steeping; However, when I opened the glass bottle to smell the eLiquid - it enticed me to go ahead and give it a try. What a delightful surprise The blueberry flavor is mildly sweet on the inhale followed by a warm toasted cinnamon crunch on the exhale. None of the flavors are overpowering. This is a perfectly balanced eLiquid that I'm sure will soon be one of my all time favorites. Great job! Thank you „
Perrisbabe 10/08/2015 Dragon Bananafruit
“ What can i say? I havent been disappointed yet on any "no frills" juice „
“ This is an all dayer for me!! love love this.. I got a bottle to try and vaped it in two days!! this does need to steep tho...right out of the box I really didn't care for it...let it steep for a couple weeks and I was in love! „
Joel 09/30/2015 Strawberry Yogurt
“ I was not really a big fan of this juice. I usually love strawberry cream juices and have vaped quite a few. the strawberry component of this juice was done fairly well, but the yogurt was just too tart for my taste. I didn't think it was bad really, just not my kind of juice „
Coralline Algae 09/28/2015 Strawberry Yogurt
“ This is a terrific yogurt vape. Subtle, soft, pillowy & creamy with a nice fresh strawberry mix-in. It's not overly creamy, sweet, or fruity. Beautifully balanced. I give it 4½ stars rounded to 5 due to the insane value. „
Serdar Yarar 09/27/2015 Strawberry Doughnut
“ Good stuff, good quality, good flavor. If you like strawberry flavors, this is one of the finest!  „
Ice_Berg 09/24/2015 Blueberry Yogurt
“ Got this on a special pre-release order. Was AMAZING! „
Phil 09/22/2015 Strawberry Custard
“ Really good creamy strawberry custard. I have tried a shit ton of custards and this is one of the smoothest I have had yet. The strawberry isn't candy like at all, its a very natural taste. Great work. Of course the price is spot on too! „
“ Excellent lemon creme with a hint of donut. I ordered 2 bottles of this flavor, and it didn't disappoint at all. It was great in the Subtank mini at .5 ohms running between 20-25 watts. It's also really good in a RDA at .25 ohms running 40 watts. Great work! Can't beat the price with a stick either, many juices of this quality will cost you around 15 bucks a bottle, so getting 60ml for $12 is a steal! „
Phil 09/22/2015 Strawberry Doughnut
“ Nice smooth strawberry flavor, with a good donut base. Good juice at a really good price. Keep up the good work! „
Sandy 09/19/2015 Dragon Bananafruit
“ right out of the box I thought ohhhh too much banana...after it sat a few days it steeped into a harmony of fruity delight... can still taste the banana...it's a compliment now instead of overbearing..it's a good vape! „
Sandy 09/17/2015 Blueberry Doughnut
“ Nice fruit flavor with a great donut coming thru.. It's a nice vape! „
Lindsay 09/17/2015 Homemade Apple Pie
“ It is homemade apple pie, and I didn't steep of course when I tried it and it has only gotten better. One of my favorites so far.  „
Deadeye2099 09/14/2015 Strawberry Yogurt
“ got this juice and was gonna do a review vid after i let it steep a lil and well i went to taste it and vaped it all in 2 days and forgot to do the vid lol. good juice great price its a win win. „
Sandy 09/14/2015 Strawberry Doughnut
“ I love desert flavors and this is now one of my favorites. I will be coming back here over and over. Great juice!!! „
“ Should be called "cinnamon roll custard". I was expecting more cinnamon roll flavor but it mostly tastes like custard with cinnamon. definitely a good flavor of you like custard! „
Coralline Algae 09/11/2015 Strawberry Doughnut
“ I was blown away by this juice. Even without steeping it was terrific. Thankfully it isn't too sweet or too strong. It's smooth and mellow, but still rich with a natural strawberry flavor. No jolly rancher here, just fruit. The doughnut flavor is light but it works. This was one of three Tmaxx flavors I ordered and they are all outstanding. What a surprise! I plan on trying at least 4 more flavors next time I order. „
Coralline Algae 09/11/2015 Lemon Creme Filled Doughnut
“ Couldn't be happier with this flavor. The lemon is natural tasting and it's so smooth. Tastes exactly like it's described. It doesn't have much bakery or doughnut flavor but my bottle is still really fresh. Even if the dough never fully develops it's still tastes exactly like the best part of a lemon doughnut, the filling! Surprisingly, it isn't overly sweet or strong, which is a big plus for me. I'll definitely order more before I run out. „
1DopeBloke 09/11/2015 Blueberry Custard
“ This is my second fav in the Tmaxx Line. Blueberry vapes can go wrong quickly, thankfully this one is done correctly. U get a sweet fresh blueberry throughout the whole vape with a creamy vanilla custard on the tail end, it produces a nice amount of vapor and the flavor is on point. I am amazed at how consistent the whole TMaxx No Frills Mls Line is across the board. All the custard vapes are done well, and the yogurt is incredible. The donuts are good but not really in my fav flavor profile but I still enjoyed them. Thanks for doing this affordable and well crafted line.  „
Buddy 09/11/2015 Strawberry Doughnut
“ This one took a while to steep, but it's great after a couple of weeks. Will be including more of this in my next order. „
S. Christine 09/11/2015 Strawberry Yogurt
“ While I am thoroughly enjoying the entire line, this is the one that's hardest for me to put down!!! I don't know how they got such a REAL, ripe strawberry flavor, but I sure am glad they did. Yogurt Parfaits are one of my favorite foods and this tastes just like the ones I make- minus the granola. The yogurt is dead on creamy vanilla yogurt. Both the strawberry and yogurt flavors have exactly the right ratio of sweet to tart. Overall this flavor is just amazing!!! „
S. Christine 09/11/2015 Blueberry Crumble
“ This is the first blueberry flavor I've ever loved! It's good right out of the mailbox, but I recommend steeping. After a week of steeping, the flavor that was good became AMAZING!!! Like seriously exponentially better! I don't know what else to say... It's perfect!  „
Tommy K 09/11/2015 Blueberry Doughnut
“ Oh. My. God....That's frickin' blueberry donut!!! „
“ Awesome flavor!I didn't expect to like this one. A buttery-sweet taste that fills and coats your mouth. „
Dennis L 08/18/2015 Blueberry Doughnut
“ Wow I can't believe a juice this inexpensive can taste this good. The Donut flavor is awesome and the blueberry is just right. I love this juice will definitely be getting more in the near future.  „
Lord Leetas 08/17/2015 Strawberry Doughnut
“ Absolutely love this juice. Very smooth vape, this one can easily be and ADV!!!  „
1dopebloke 08/17/2015 Strawberry Yogurt
“ I ordered 7 of the 9 Tmaxx Flavors n while they were all good, this one was verrrry good. Ive since ordered many more bottles. Its a genuine strawberry flavor with a slight greek yogurt bte to it that makes this a great ADV. I highly recommend it. „
Cliff 08/17/2015 Blueberry Doughnut
“ This tastes JUST like a Blueberry Donut. Definitely a fave from the No-Frills Mils line. „
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