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idahoharleydude 12/02/2015 Strawberry Doughnut
“ Tasty all day vape! Good doughnut and strawberry flavor. I wish they would make a no frills Raspberry jelly filled glazed doughnut!la „
idahoharleydude 12/02/2015 Blueberry Doughnut
“ Really good. Blueberry could be stronger, but VERY NICE ADV! Wish they would make a no frills Raspberry filled glazed doughnut! „
Z. Hunter 12/02/2015 Homemade Apple Pie
“ I vaped this juice right out of the box only allowing 2 days to steep. it was a decent flavor. mainly apple with hints of sweetness and cinnamon. I feel like i may have shorted myself by not allowing enough time to steep. will reorder in the future and allow to steep and i will post an updated review.  „
Z. Hunter 12/02/2015 Cinnamon Dusted Doughnut
“ This stuff was great right out the mail. A nice realistic cake donut flavor with a hint of cinnamon. Most donut flavors i have tried usually put the donut in the background and the spices or fruits used over power it. Not this stuff. I love the fact that the donut flavor leads the way. I definitely plan on ordering again and allowing more time to steep i can only imagine how good it's gonna be. „
Mattie M 11/26/2015 Vanilla Creme Doughnut
“ Unreal! Im actually vaping this juice now, which made me want to pop on the website and order some more. Could not be happier with this flavor and this brand. I bought 5 bottles of different flavors including this vanilla creme doughnut, and They are Insanely good. Love you guys! „
perrisbabe 11/26/2015 Strawberry Custard
“ Rich..creamy and deep. Yummy score??? 100 „
coolvape 11/23/2015 Honeydew StrawPear
“ To be honest this was one of the flavors I was least looking forward to. I received my order a few weeks ago and vaped everything but this Honeydew StrawPear. One night I finally decided to give it a try. OMG!!!!!!!! This juice is so good! It easily blows away any juice I have even $22 a bottle juice. You guys hit a home run with this one! At $6 a bottle this is a steal for this juice. You could easily relabel this juice and sell it as a premium juice at 3 times the cost and it would still sell! I like most of the juices in No Frills line but this one IMO is the cream of the crop! Give this one a try you won't be disappointed!  „
Salmanela 11/18/2015 Peanut Butter Custard
“ Just got my juice today. It was my first order from this company and I order 7 bottles of 5 different flavors. Quality in packaging and appearance. All the juices smell great. The dates on some of the bottles make it seem as though some where presteeped and some not. This is the first juice I've tried and it's great. Smooth pb and a little kick of custard about half way through. „
greggi pichardo 11/16/2015 Lemon Creme Filled Doughnut
“ Wonderful lemon flavor donut.. I absolutely luv it..been vaping 5 years and this is first time I get really good flavors.,,,i luv ur donuts....vaping them all day long. „
greggi pichardo 11/16/2015 Blueberry Doughnut
“ Blueberry at 50/50 is very nice vape. The flavor is mild but not too mild and it really tastes like a donut.. I am very surprised and luv it.... „
greggi pichardo 11/16/2015 Lemon Creme Filled Doughnut
“ OMG this is delicious I ordered it 50/50 and I couldn't be happier.. its so good and realistic... helps this diabetic keep away from eating the sweets..  „
greggi pichardo 11/16/2015 Custard Filled Cinnamon Roll
“ Sweet and tasty.. just right.. since my first order were all donuts that I love so much I am ordering 5 fruit flavors today.. I doubt they will disappoint cause the ones im vaping now from you are really and truly great tasting vapes.. „
Countrypami 11/16/2015 Maple Glazed Doughnut
“ OMG!!!!!!!! Let me start this by telling you that I HATE anything maple. I had even told Watch "Don't send me that one, I don't like maple". Much to my surprise (Thank you Watch) this juice went straight to the top of my list of favorite juices. The maple is very subtle, just enough to give the doughnut a perfect sweetness. You won't get maple syrup from this, it's a light maple flavored glaze backed by the same delicious doughnut. Trust me when I tell you to get more than just 30mls of this, you're gonna want more! It's a new ADV for me :) Vaping 70VG, .5ohm Triton, 26 watts. „
Countrypami 11/16/2015 Blueberry Doughnut
“ Blueberry doughnuts are my very favorite and this flavor has NAILED them! Very well balanced between the blueberry, doughnut, and just the right amount of sweet. This is a clean juice, not heavy or "thick" like most bakery vapes. I've been vaping the 70Vg, on a .5ohm Triton, at 26 watts. This quickly became an ADV for me. „
greggi pichardo 11/16/2015 Maple Glazed Doughnut
“ Maple donut flavor is my favorite of the donuts atm.. I can vape it all day long.. this was my first order and I picked 5 separate donut flavors.. they are all excellent but this one is so tasty and smooth that I cant see myself ordering from anyone else.. „
Countrypami 11/16/2015 Lemon Creme Filled Doughnut
“ Can you say YUMMY??? This is one of the best Lemon vapes I've ever had. It's a pleasant, sweet, subtle lemon cream pudding... not harsh or tart at all. Backed with a wonderful doughnut. You won't be cleaning your furniture with this one!  „
Countrypami 11/16/2015 Strawberry Doughnut
“ This is a great juice. That same wonderful doughnut base we've seen in the TMAXX line, backed by a subtle sweet strawberry. This could easily be an ADV. Again, this is a clean juice. It's not heavy or "thick" like you typically see in bakery vapes. „
Chris 11/15/2015 Strawberry Yogurt
“ This is my go to juice from the No Frill's line. Good strawberry on the inhale and a tart yogurt on the exhale. I have been through 10 bottles of this stuff so far and will be ordering more soon! „
Popcornplaya 11/13/2015 Blueberry Yogurt
“ I love this juice. It tasted just like it sounds...ordering more now. „
“  This juice is sooo good. I typically only vape tobacco flavors but decided to try this anyway. Awful glad I did. This juice is so rich. Easily an ADV. I have now had flavors from Mad Murdock and The Refuge. The quality and flavor from the juices from this site are superior to anything out there. Great job to everyone at Vaping Watch. „
waylon 11/09/2015 Vanilla Creme Doughnut
“ Ordered this Saturday afternoon (Halloween) and just got in today Thursday, fast shipping as always. This stuff is great, opened smelled it and had to try it. With no steeping this is amazing flavor. It tastes like what a doughnut vape should be. It tastes just like the smell of opening a box of freshly made glazed doughnuts. The cream is in there on the exhale but on the inhale, it's like a glazed doughnut. I have tried another brand modeled after a certain cartoon and costs 3x as much, Tmaxx blows it out of the water. I wish I had ordered a dozen bottles of this. I haven't even touched my Pluid yet because this is so good. If you love doughnuts, just buy it, don't even think about it. „
Belles 11/09/2015 Strawberry Doughnut
“ I usually vape tobacco blends. I haven' been able to find a flavor I really liked that was not tobacco or coffee. I absolutely love the Strawberry Doughnut. I've been vaping it since I got it last week and it's my new non-tobacco eliquid. I will be trying more of the Tmaxx No Frill! „
Lisa 11/09/2015 Honeydew StrawPear
“ Unfreakably delicious!! And only 6 bucks? WOW I tried it right out of the mail did not steep yet. the flavor is a happy party in your mouth mixture! This is going to turn out as one of my all time fave. vapes! Keep up the great work and thank you for top quality at a low price for us who have a tight vaping budget! „
rizola311 11/01/2015 Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie
“ great joose ordering more as I type „
Andrew S. 10/30/2015 Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie
“ This is a great, smooth yet thick flavor. The hazelnut is very pleasant & the clouds you can get off this puppy are pretty nice. Great for chocolate lovers. „
Andrew S. 10/30/2015 Homemade Apple Pie
“ Got the regular recipe, and was very, very satisfied with it. Makes me want to try the boosted flavor now. Cheaper than the real thing, tastes exactly the same, and will last you longer than an actual apple pie. Just wish I had some ice cream to put on top.  „
Andrew S. 10/30/2015 Blueberry Doughnut
“ A very close second for my favorites so far. A great doughnut flavor and the blueberry is not as overwhelming as others, but still makes for a pleasant all day vape. This one was gone as fast as the strawberry.  „
Andrew S. 10/30/2015 Strawberry Doughnut
“ My favorite already. Unlike other brands, this one had a definite taste of doughnut, unlike others where the strawberry is overwhelming, and the doughnut flavor hides in the background. Have to try the others, but this seems to be my go to along with the blueberry doughnut. The other makers who charge 3 to 4 times the amount, don't come close to this.  „
Chris 10/29/2015 Blueberry Yogurt
“ I purchased 6 bottles of the no frills, and recieved them today. This one was my least favorite. The blueberry was different than any other blueberry I've tried, was a bit to sour, and over powered the actual yogurt flavor. I think if a sweeter blueberry was used this would be great. „
Jim 10/28/2015 Strawberry Doughnut
“ While the flavor is good, and is as described, It just wasnt my cup of tea. I ordered it with 4 juices to get an idea of the line. I like to try new flavors, sometimes its a hit, sometimes not so much. The fault inst the juice, just not to my tastes. If you like doughnut vapes this may be for you. „
“ This was my second favorite of the 4 juices I ordered. Love the peanut butter and slight custard flavor. Dripped most of it already, cant wait until Monday to order more.  „
Jim 10/28/2015 Strawberry Yogurt
“ I ordered 4 flavors, and this is my favourite of them. I went through this juice fast and the empty bottle is all thats left. Great strawberry flavor with a hint of yogurt to me. This is a definite reorder. „
Shane Conner 10/28/2015 Blueberry Crumble
“ This was amazing right from the mailbox, it was so good in fact the bottle only lasted me 2 and a half days. Wish I could get it in 120ml! „
“ I just received this juice today and WOW! I had set my expectations a lil low just based on price, but I was waaaay off. This is a really, really good juice, that is already steeped at 70/30 6mg and the flavor is SPOT ON! I am vaping/"eating" a lemon crème doughnut as I type this review. I will be reordering and also can't wait to try to 4 other flavors I ordered with this EXCELLENT JUICE! „
Mike o 10/24/2015 Strawberry Doughnut
“ This juice is excellent nice smooth milky.strawberry doughnut try this juice is my all day vape.this company is awesome tha price is excellent.they even true some samples.wow tha shipping is super fast it got to me in 2days.ADV „
Chris 10/23/2015 Strawberry Yogurt
“ I purchased 6 bottles of the no frills, and recieved them today. This one was my favorite!!! Great strawberry on the inhale, yogurt on the exhale. 5 stars on this one. I think this one needs to steep a few days, as the flavor is just a tad light for me, but it has such an amazing flavor. Love this! „
Chris 10/23/2015 Strawberry Doughnut
“ I purchased 6 bottles of the no frills, and recieved them today. This strawberry donut, is spot on. The flavor is perfect, just the right amount of sweet strawberry, with a light donut finish. 5 stars on this one. I wish now I would of purchased the lemon donut, that will be next. Great job on this strawberry donut.  „
Chris 10/23/2015 Strawberry Custard
“ I purchased 6 bottles of the no frills, and recieved them today. This strawberry custard is very good. Nice strawberry on the inhale, and an amazing creamy custard on the exhale. Spot on for a strawberry custard. „
walt r 10/17/2015 Homemade Apple Pie
“ So I got a few bottles of tmaxx's joos. Came well packed. I like the syringe/dropper options. This is the third tmaxx flav I have tried. This is my favorite so far. I got the boosted apple version and it hits the spot. It is sweet, tangy like a fresh apple, without being too strong or forcing the flavor duplication. There is a hint of bakery cinnamon that makes this taste like freshly nuked apple slices with a little sugar and cinnamon. Yummy! „
“ So I got a few bottles of tmaxx's joos. Came well packed. I like the syringe/dropper options. This Chocolate Brownie is righteous. Would buy again. I was looking for something that would allow my palate to re-adjust after citrus or other strong flavored liquid. Since it was recently received, I'm hoping his may be it. Time will tell.  „
walt r 10/17/2015 Blueberry Custard
“ So I got a few bottles of tmaxx's joos. Came well packed. I like the syringe/dropper options. This Blueberry Custard is right on. It was my all day vape till it was gone. Would buy again.  „
“ I have tried 11 of the juices in this line and this is by far my fav ! I just ordered 3 more and I am sure this one is one I will always have in my rotation.  „
stevedave 10/12/2015 Dragon Bananafruit
“ Banana cream, strawberry and dragonfruit? Jeez, I wonder if this came from reddit... *cough*fizzmustard'snanacreamclone*cough* {Watch's Note: We do not copy or borrow recipes for our juices. That said, these recipes are INCREDIBLY simple......most with only 3 or 4 ingredients (not including nic, pg, and vg). The likelihood of many people coming up with similar recipes is very high. The purpose of the "No Frills" line is not to be unique or to wow people with unusual or creative flavors. The purpose is to provide a quality product at an exceptional price.} „
“ Tastes just like banana taffy! I got this for free and didn't think I'd like it. I was shocked to not only keep vaping it but then refill my tank immediately! „
“ Very unique custard. I quite like it „
“ I am vaping this on a Oremata rda, single coil at .45 ohms at about 20w on a IPV D2. Nice natural lemon flavor, I taste the doughnut, but its not my favourite part of the flavor. One of the best lemon flavors I have tried, and I have tried a lot. I would buy bottle after bottle of the lemon cream by itself. It tastes exactly like its described so it gets a high rating.  „
Jerry Taft 10/08/2015 Blueberry Crumble
“ 30PG/70PG - 12mg; Arrived today and, even without steeping, I find this is a perfect blend - slightly sweet blueberry on the inhale followed by a mild warm toasted cinnamon on the the exhale. None of the flavors are overpowering. Good throat hit and vapor production even at 3.7 volts Love it! Thank you „
Jerry Taft 10/08/2015 Blueberry Crumble
“ Blueberry Crumble - 30VG/70PG - 12mg - just received it today - didn't allow for any steeping; However, when I opened the glass bottle to smell the eLiquid - it enticed me to go ahead and give it a try. What a delightful surprise The blueberry flavor is mildly sweet on the inhale followed by a warm toasted cinnamon crunch on the exhale. None of the flavors are overpowering. This is a perfectly balanced eLiquid that I'm sure will soon be one of my all time favorites. Great job! Thank you „
“ I really like this juice!!! I usually don't review juices bc it's so subjective. I am unable to put a finger on the exact notes but in it's in the fruit family with its sweetness and there are spices and floral notes on top of it. Love it. „
Perrisbabe 10/08/2015 Dragon Bananafruit
“ What can i say? I havent been disappointed yet on any "no frills" juice „
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