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Bag-Of-Hammers 04/05/2016 Honeydew StrawPear
“ Very nice. After steeping for only a day, I get a lot of mango and pear, and I'm not getting any strawberry yet. It has a nice tartness to it, and not too sweet. I imagine it will become sweeter as it ages. This flavor is special to me because every time I hit it I get a flash of memory. I am 6 years old or so, I am at an outdoor swimming pool with the sun beating down, I am wearing blue swim trunks and I'm eating an ice cream, or frozen treat. It's amazing how it recalls something 40 years ago! Very delightful. Very pleasant. And it's also special for me on a personal level. I love it when that happens. „
Bag-Of-Hammers 04/05/2016 Peach Yogurt
“ So, I just received the whole TMAXX lineup and this is the first one I tried without giving it any time to steep. WOW, this is a great vape. The description of this juice pretty much says it all. The slight tart gives it a great peach punch, and the creamy sweet (not too sweet) exhale......it is a wonderful vaping experience. Ecstasy. I feel like I struck gold when I found Vaping Watch. These guys don't mess around. I hope they take over the world. „
Kevin 04/04/2016 Blueberry Custard
“ I'm extremely impressed by this e-liquid. I was skeptical that a juice so inexpensive could be added to my list of all day vapes, but added it has been. Just added a 120 mil to the shopping cart, as well as a few other flavors that I'm excited to try out. I've done some DIY, but this line is the perfect balance of low cost and good flavor, and takes the guess work out of DIY. „
Dj khaled 04/04/2016 Strawberry Custard
“ Another one ..key to succes . „
Bag-Of Hammers 04/04/2016 Clockwerks Custard (Tank Formula)
“ The nutmeg almost wants to be cinnamon...and then becomes something on it's own........sometimes light, almost meringue cream....but sometimes not....Sometimes a great deep- almost chocolate- caramel, and it stands as something else on the next draw. Each draw from the vaporizer can behold something new. It is.......then becomes something different with each draw, and never is it disappointing......complex? Give it a day or less to steep- and age with it.jmo „
The Dude 04/03/2016 Honeydew StrawPear
“ I have never felt the need to leave a review in all my years of vaping but this juice changes that. The flavor profile is amazingly close to a long time premium favorite of mine, I'd go as far as to say it's better, yet it's a super sweet price. Tasty out of the mail, even sweeter 2 weeks down the road! Keep it up Watch! „
julie 03/27/2016 Strawberries and Cream
“ Great taste on the vaper. Went through half the bottle in 1 day will reorder  „
Matt Christie 03/25/2016 Peaches and Cream
“ Damn good peaches n cream, this is the second best peaches n cream I've tried (and I've tried quite a few).Its almost as good as stash's lushington but in a sense it's better because its $6 dollars and lushington is $18.50 and I'd much rather have 3 30mls of this than one 30ml of lushington.Great job! „
Brian 03/22/2016 Blueberry Crumble
“ let this steep for a week,flavors came alive blueberries are fresh custard very creamy,all i can say is wow!!!!! „
Travis 03/22/2016 Dragon Bananafruit
“ Very, very good vape! Initial hit is banana but very natural with no 'synthetic' taste at all. On exhale the strawberry shows up but subtle, like it should be with a decent dragonfruit finish. Nothing is too over-powering. A perfect blend of all fruits listed. Note: This is a afternoon-evening vape for me due to it doesn't mix very well with the morning coffee.  „
Shane (Tenfifty) Conner 03/22/2016 Peaches and Cream
“ This is the best peaches and cream I've had yet. Usually not a big fan of peaches but this one is ADV! „
Steve 03/20/2016 Peaches and Cream
“ Very good juice. It's more cream than peaches, but still very nice. The peach taste isn't chemical at all which I've found with most other peach type e-liquids. Will likely buy this one again. „
Jason S. 03/18/2016 Homemade Apple Pie
“ Just Perfect. Ordered without any flavor shots and can't imagine it would need any at least in a 30ml bottle. Any future orders I place will include a bottle of this juice for sure. Best apple/apple pie vape I have to date. „
BRIAN 03/17/2016 Maple Glazed Doughnut
“ Great right out of box will have fight with myself to let this steep.Thanx Guys  „
BRIAN 03/17/2016 Strawberry Custard
“ You Guys nailed this one too.Flaver is everything you would expect from a juice 4 times the price „
BRIAN 03/17/2016 Vanilla Creme Doughnut
“ Just got my order yesterday,could not wait to steep juice Right out of the box Best juice i have tried Thank you guys for speedy del.and thanks to Sam at flav chaser,His reviews Sold me Will be ordering more soon. „
Philip Kwasinski 03/15/2016 Peanut Butter Custard
“ I like peanut-butter and this juice delivers. This has become a daily juice for me and I can proudly say I have not had a cigarette starting on 7 Feb 2016.  „
Philip Kwasinski 03/15/2016 Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie
“ Just had this delivered and could not be more amazed. Using it in 70/30 mix on a Snow Wolfe at 70 watts and if you like chocolate brownies this juice delivers. Vaping watch once again amazes! „
Philip Kwasinski 03/15/2016 Pina Colada
“ If you like pineapple and coconut then you will love this. I swear it smells good enough to drink and even better when vaped. Using this in the 70/30 mixture on a Snow Wolfe at 60 watts. Vaping Watch really did a nice job with this. „
“ good juice. just needs more sweet lemon flavor and it would be 10/10 „
Luis B 03/12/2016 Blueberry Crumble
“ i had high hopes for this juice. its not bad but i wish the flavors would be stronger. „
SweetMelissa 03/06/2016 Strawberry Doughnut
“ This is by far my absolute favorite Juice from the TMaxx Line. It is spot on to a strawberry doughnut, The strawberry is not over powering, or too sweet. They certainly got the perfect blend in this one!!! „
CorallineAlgae 03/04/2016 Blueberry Crumble
“ This is the best blueberry vape in the lineup and my favorite blueberry ejuice anywhere. This is the most natural tasting fruit flavor I've tried. Not overly sweet or overpoweringly flavored for a bakery desert vape. At lower watts it's almost all blueberries. Once I raised the temperature the crumble started to wake up and the blueberries started to taste more like a pie filling. The cinnamon is extremely light. You could miss it if you didn't know it was there. The higher you go the more pie/crumble you find. I didn't think anything could match Strawberry Doughnut and Yogurt. I was wrong. This is every bit as good.  „
“ So I hated this stuff when I first bought it, my first couple drags were just in your face licorice. Abosolutely couldn't believe I'd have to finish out the bottle, even though it was only a 15ml bottle. Here I am now, about 4 days later, wondering if I'll be able to get my hands on a another bottle quick enough. This stuff is crazy delicious. One of the most complex flavors I've tasted, definitely some citrus and possibly a hint of menthol but ya know just try this stuff. I'd recommend let it steep for a few days in a closet or use heat method because I've found this flavor just continues to grow far better and superior as the vape before with a little age. Definitely give this a try. I can definitely vape all day on this in my atomizer and not have one complaint.  „
“ Really impressed by this juice. The custard is much heavier than the cinnamon roll, but the flavors pair perfectly.  „
Kvapes 02/26/2016 Maple Glazed Doughnut
“ I was immediately impressed by this juice. The maple is definitely more prevalent than the donut in this one, but the flavors blend well together.  „
PJVAPES 02/19/2016 Vanilla Creme Doughnut
“ Really love this one! A lot of doughnut flavor with just the perfect amount of vanilla crème. Could be my favorite doughnut e-juice from T-Maxx! Will be ordering this one again soon.  „
PJVAPES 02/19/2016 Maple Glazed Doughnut
“ Good but not great. Liked this doughnut flavor the least out of all of the doughnut e-juices in my first order. Probably just my taste. Doughnut is sweet and delicious but the maple was a little weak for me. Also, I found this had a little harsher throat hit than the others. I will still give Maple Glazed Doughnut 4 stars to be fair.  „
PJVAPES 02/19/2016 Strawberry Doughnut
“ Great! Great doughnut flavor with a subtle strawberry. Definitely ADV material. Will be re-ordering this one again for sure. Best strawberry doughnut e-juice out there.  „
PJVAPES 02/19/2016 Cinnamon Dusted Doughnut
“ I love cinnamon and this hits the spot! The doughnut flavor is not overpowered by the cinnamon which makes it an excellent balanced e-juice. Definitely one of my favorites. „
PJVAPES 02/19/2016 Blueberry Doughnut
“ Tastes like a glazed blueberry doughnut from that famous Donut place. This is the best blueberry doughnut e-juice I've tried thus far. Go get yourself some!  „
PJVAPES 02/19/2016 Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie
“ A little too sweet for me but it's still great! First chocolate flavored e-juice I have really liked. If you like chocolate then pull the trigger on this one. „
PJVAPES 02/19/2016 Peanut Butter Custard
“ Absolutely fantastic! The balance of peanut butter and custard is perfect. Very smooth and not overpowering. Out of the 7 juices in my first order, this is one of my favorites. If you like peanut butter, you will love this. „
Buddy 02/17/2016 Peanut Butter Custard
“ Vaping Watch is my favorite juice vendor, (even without Wacky Vape's offerings) so I hate to give a bad review. But, this juice is horrible! I let it sit for a few weeks, then a few months, and it still doesn't taste good to me. Maybe I got a bad batch!? Buddy, We would really appreciate you contacting us regarding this review. This is so different from the response we've received from our other customers, we would like to talk with you about your experience.  „
Buddy 02/15/2016 Strawberry Yogurt
“ Great strawberry juice. I liked the strawberry doughnut a little better, but I may not have giving this enough time to steep (I sucked it down in about 2 days) „
Buddy 02/15/2016 Strawberry Doughnut
“ Really good juice: will buy again „
“ I'll go ahead and give it 5 stars, because there's nothing wrong with the juice. But I really don't care for it „
“ Great tasting juice, ESPECIALLY considering the price. If the word ever gets out, Watch is going to have his hands full with this one.  „
Buddy 02/14/2016 Blueberry Doughnut
“ Great juice, best blueberry juice I've ever had. Tasted like blueberry cardboard at first, but after it steeped a few days, the flavors really came to life.  „
Buddy 02/14/2016 Blueberry Crumble
“ As far as Blueberry juices go, this is second only to TMaxx's Blueberry Doughnut. I'm looking forward to trying their Blueberry Custard: they've really got the blueberry thing goin on! „
Buddy 02/14/2016 Dragon Bananafruit
“ Lots of fruit flavor in this one. I vaped it almost exclusively when I was in Maui, and it fit right in.  „
“ Spectacular juice, just spectacular. Perhaps a little rich for an adv, but time will tell. (Maybe I'll cut it with a little VG and see how it goes) „
Amin 02/09/2016 Vanilla Creme Doughnut
“ This is by far the greatest ejuice I have ever purchased. To give some background to that statement is that I vape mostly budget ejuice. I enjoy vendors such as Blue Dot, Mt Baker Vapor, and various other cheap vendors. I stumbled upon this line little over a month ago from /r/electronic_cigarette. This juice may be only $6 for a 30ml but it does not vape like a budget juice. The quality that Tmaxx brings to the table is better than all of the premium juices I have tried (not very many to be honest). I notice Tmaxx juices are much more milky, smooth, flavorful, and longer lasting than any other vendors I have purchased from. I literally tell everyone I know about Tmaxx because it is unbelievable. The first time I got my hands on this specific liquid I noticed there was a slight throat bump at 3 nic, The vapor feels 'full' going into your mouth and lungs, and the exhale is just as soothing as the inhale. If you purchase a bottle you may become addicted. You have been warned.... Do it. „
GeorgiaVaporGirl 02/09/2016 Homemade Apple Pie
“ This is one of the BEST Apple Pie Vapes ever! I didn't think I would like it cuz I don't really care for apples unless they are cooked so was reluctant about this flavor but TMAXX really made this just right and it's really a Apple Pie straight out of the oven. I did let it steep for about 1 week as I do all my juices, My hubby's ADV everyday, Everyone should try this one out with the AWESOME prices you can't go wrong! Thanks Wrecker for making your products affordable for everyone! „
judy 02/06/2016 Dragon Bananafruit
“ Very, very good! Great job balancing these flavors. „
Dan Rullo 02/05/2016 Blueberry Crumble
“ Received my order today..the Blueberry Crumble was ready to vape so i loaded it in my Griffin with kanthal coils...24gauge..0.35 ohms....45watts on a RX200.... im so in love with this juice already..the blueberry flavor is amazing and on exhale i can taste the crumble..the sweetness of this juice is perfect...now im anxious for the other 4 flavors to steep so i can vape them...i will be ordering more in the very near future...keep up the fantastic work on your juices!!!....Vape On!!!! „
denrock316 02/04/2016 Monkey Spunk (Tank Formula)
“ Smooth creamy and delicious. I get a smooth chocolaty custard and just the right amount of banana.  „
denrock316 02/01/2016 Custard Filled Cinnamon Roll
“ Good custard flavor with a lite cinnamon roll flavor. I really enjoyed this one. 30ml of this went fast great juice. „
denrock316 02/01/2016 Cinnamon Dusted Doughnut
“ Wow this one really is terrific. One of my favorites for sure not just from the Tmaxx line but of any juices I've had. It has just the right amount of cinnamon too I do not like when there is too much and it's overpowering. Love this one.  „
denrock316 02/01/2016 Honeydew StrawPear
“ I have to admit this is not a flavor I'd normally even try but wow was I surprised. The honeydew melon flavor is great and the background notes of strawberry and pear make it even better. I definitely liked this more than I thought I would. „
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