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Jason Kaine 08/23/2016 Orange Cream Bar
“ This flavor blew my mind, I was first hit with the sweet creme, then the lingering refreshing orange all through the exhale. Transported instantly back to carnivals as a kid, could even smell the cotton candy and corn dogs being cooked. This puts a smile on my face, until i see the empty bottle! „
Jason Kaine 08/23/2016 Pear Cake
“ Artfully crafted! The pear is perfectly balanced amidst the sweet but not overly sweet cake goodness. Unlike other pear's out there, this one is fresh and crisp! A must try!  „
Jason Kaine 08/23/2016 Lemon Creme Filled Doughnut
“ This flavor is off the hook!! Sweet and smooth lemon filling with a very delicious warm doughnut that actually makes your stomach growl! Easily an all-day-vape imo :) „
Jason Kaine 08/23/2016 Dragon CranApple
“ This hit me in the face like a delicious freight Train!!! Instantly one of my new favorite vapes of all time, Sweet full apple with that tangy Zing! a palette pleaser! My only regret is that i didn't buy a gallon of this!! 5 stars ALL DAY! „
Kevin 08/22/2016 Peanut Butter Custard
“ It is my ADV. Only thing it needs is more peanut butter!! IMO it just isn't enough PB but otherwise its delicious „
G Robinson 08/19/2016 Strawberry Doughnut
“ I always keep a bottle or two of this on hand. It is one of my ADVs. Great Flavor and a smooth vape „
G Robinson 08/19/2016 Blueberries and Cream
“ Amazing Flavors Nothing bad to say other than I should have gotten a bigger bottle :).  „
Coralline Algae 08/17/2016 Lemon Pound Cake
“ This is a perfect pound cake with just a hint of lemon. Seriously good. It's very well balanced, and best of all, it isn't too sweet. Easily the best lemon flavored desert vape I've had. ADV worthy. 8/10 after 3 weeks steeping. With more steep time it may go up.  „
OLD ONE 08/16/2016 Dragon CranApple
“ FIRST TIME TRYING THIS FLAVOR,Still this is very good will try again „
OLD ONE 08/16/2016 Lemon Pound Cake
“ Just the right amount of lemon to pound cake.This is a ADV for me „
OLD ONE 08/16/2016 Orange Cream Bar
“ I go back further than CountryPami,This is a 50/50 ice cream bar. You guys nailed this.PERFECT PERFECT „
OLD ONE 08/16/2016 Pear Cake
“ I DID NOT THINK I WOULD LIKE THIS,i WAS VERY WRONG.tHIS IS the best like going out to eat at Marie Candler? except I dont have leave a tip „
OLD ONE 08/16/2016 Strawberry Cheesecake
“ Super cheescake not to much strawberry GOOD flavor,keep them coming „
OLD ONE 08/16/2016 Vanilla Custard
“ I think this is the best Vanilla Custard I have ever tasted „
OLD ONE 08/16/2016 Pear Cake
“ Diddo on CountryPami, A Home Run „
OLD ONE 08/16/2016 Strawberry Cake Batter
OLD ONE 08/16/2016 Strawberry Cake Pop
OLD ONE 08/16/2016 Vanilla Bourbon Custard
OLD ONE 08/16/2016 Kentucky Bourbon Custard
TWISTED VAPE 08/16/2016 Peanut Butter Custard
“ Absolutely the FREAKING BOMB baby!!! You ever tried Space Jams Venus before...Better, Way better that that. Love this favor. I just got my order today, Was going to wait for it to steep, then tried 1 bowl n blam I was hooked!! Try it. You got to try it.  „
Sweet Buddy Vapes 08/09/2016 Lemon Creme Filled Doughnut
“ Another spot on flavor. Easy to tell the difference between the cream filled doughnut and the cake on others. Could use just a little more lemon.  „
Sweet Buddy Vapes 08/09/2016 Strawberry Doughnut
“ Very good, spot on flavor. Cake donut with strawberry, just like it says. The nic hit for 3mg was a bit on the strong side. Otherwise it'd be a 5. „
Jaimebeth1976 08/09/2016 Strawberry Doughnut
“ At first I didn't care for this juice. Then I let it steep for a couple more weeks. Now, it's in my go-to line up for ADVs. Not overly sweet. Just a nice clean vape that I find quite comforting.  „
mike 08/04/2016 Vanilla Creme Doughnut
“ good stuff, nice and smooth and tasty in a vaporesso target, ceramics really bring out the flavor thanks „
CountryPami 07/26/2016 Dragon CranApple
“ If you know me, you know I love cranberry vapes. I've been looking for a GOOD cran-apple for quite some time. This one did not disappoint. Refreshing, no chemicals, it's not dry, the sweetness is understated but not bitter. Easily an ADV for any fruit fan, and 120ml worthy! I will definitely be keeping this one on hands at all times. „
CountryPami 07/26/2016 Strawberry Cake Pop
“ Strawberries, cake, icing... What's not to love? This one will have you begging for more. Sweet without the heaviness most bakery vapes have. Another lipsmacker! .6ohm/Herakles/6mg/70VG/23watts. „
CountryPami 07/26/2016 Orange Cream Bar
“ This one will take you back to your childhood! Hot summer day, nothing more refreshing than that familiar orange push up pop. Sweet Orange, none of that typical harshness. This is the first orange vape I have liked. .6ohm/Herakles/6mg/70VG/22watts. „
CountryPami 07/26/2016 Kentucky Bourbon Custard
“ Sweet creamy custard meets smooth Kentucky bourbon. The bourbon is not harsh, or heavy handed. Very pleasant, nicely blended. Perfect after dinner or late night vape. .6ohm/Herakles/6mg/70VG/26.5watts. „
CountryPami 07/25/2016 Pear Cake
“ PEAR-FECTION!!! Tmaxx has hit another home run! Delightful fresh pear blended into a sweet satisfying yellow cake. This is a true sweet fresh pear, no chemical or flowery after taste. Not overly sweet, but love the way the sweetness of the cake stays on your lips. Instant ADV for me :) .6ohm/Herakles/24watts. 6mg/70VG. „
Katie S. 07/22/2016 Homemade Apple Pie
“ I'm a huge Apple fan so I had to try this 1. Wow...I am blown away with how much flavor this juice has. I got it Boosted & 18 ml nic. It is the perfect blend of everything I love about Apple Pie. Excellent spices, sweetness, pastry & even a hint of whipped cream/vanilla ice cream. Highly recommend! „
OLD ONE 07/14/2016 Peaches and Cream
“ Nice creamy taste with a fresh peach.Taste like eating a bowl of fresh cut peaches in a sweet cream.Will order again.Good JOB „
Jon 07/14/2016 Strawberry Custard
“ Let me just say (IMHO) that I never thought Unicorn Milk from Cuttwood would ever be topped, but this strawberry custard is so close to it as to be nearly indistinguishable! And the price difference....fugghetaboutit! 6 bills for 30 mls? No choice to even make! I only let this steep for 3 days before I just couldn't wait anymore and it was still fantastic. Guys, don't be fooled by fancy labels and names. Vapingwatch.com is THE place to buy, hands down! „
Old One 07/08/2016 Homemade Apple Pie
“ This my second order of this super juice.My home made apple pie is not this good,did order boosted, fresh out of oven „
Grey Vape 07/08/2016 Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie
“ WOW! One more time, Watch n Crew nail it! Sweeet Chocolate NOT overbearing with Hazelnuts! Very Tasty! Hey ZERO calories! I've decided I can't go wrong with any of the profiles Vaping Watch come up with! Yep! This one put me over the edge on my opinion! „
“ Thax WATCH and WRECKER you guys where right Best Vanilla Custard on the market.Very rich Very smooth.What more can you ask for THAX GUYS for the way you Guys treat me and my family „
Old One 07/03/2016 Maple Glazed Doughnut
“ Out of the box super good,Let it steep for 1 week Heavenly,San was right about this one can become Addictive.Must order MORE MORE.THANX , no way 30mls for 6 bills  „
Sara 07/03/2016 Strawberries and Cream
“ Yummmm!!! This flavor just jumped to the top of my favorites list! Super tasty right out of the mail and UNBELIEVABLE after a good steep!!! It tastes like real, mouth watering strawberries and cream! Also really good mixed 50/50 with Tmaxx's Blueberrys and Cream. :) „
OLD ONE 06/29/2016 Strawberry Doughnut
“ BOY wrecker you said this would be good not good but GREAT.3 days out of the box and WOW!!!!sweet but not to sweet strawberry glaze followed up with a very fresh donut.I will say this one more time,WOW WOW.Great work Guys „
Old One 06/29/2016 Peanut Butter Custard
“ Damn!!! Double Home Run on this one.Got this on Sat. could not wait tried both on a dripper and my Griffin RTA.Super Smooth,Super Taste Will order 120 soon.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK „
OLD ONE 06/29/2016 Blueberries and Cream
“ Dont know witch one I like better,This or Blueberry Crumble,They both send me into LaLa land.Both are worth more than 30mls for $6 bills.can not get enough of your juice THANX  „
Emont 06/17/2016 Blueberry Doughnut
“ I am was very surprised by the quality of the e-liquid from tmaxx. This is about as good as my i love donuts (not the same flavor) and i haven't even let the juice steep. i have become a huge fan after my first day vaping it! Amazing price and flavor !!! „
Old One 06/15/2016 Blueberry Doughnut
“ Fresh Doughnut right from the oven,super flavor, BUY THIS! „
Bruce Wood 06/06/2016 Pina Colada
“ this is by far the best Pina Colada i ever had .This flavor is spot on and i get no artificial taste at all and has become my new favorite flavor.  „
SweetMelissa 05/26/2016 Strawberries and Cream
“ OMG Yet again Tmaxx and the rest of the team hit a grand slam here! I literally got this about an hour ago and I can't put it down. The strawberry is perfect, not too sweet, and the cream compliments it perfect. Easily it can become an all day vape, nice, smooth flavor. I am vaping it in an alliance v2 dripper on my IPV 3 LI .50 ohms at 65.5 watts and it's amazing! For me there was no need to let it steep. :) „
Brian Old One 05/26/2016 White Chocolate Peanut Butter
“ Wrecker have not a bad juice in all the juices tried,This juice was sent to me from my Daughter in Japan Thanks to You.I wil order this 50/50 and no nic Thanx  „
Old One 05/26/2016 Cinnamon Dusted Doughnut
“ Ditto on Nicki Hs Review.This one surprised me.close your eyes and you be in a donut shop,can not ask for anything better.Thanx Wrecker „
Old One 05/26/2016 Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie
“ I do not know who put this flavor together who ever it is should get a Raise,WOW and DOUBLE WOW!!!!!! „
OLD ONE 05/26/2016 Blueberry Yogurt
“ Very nice taste just like eating a cup of fresh yogut.Keep it up!!!! „
SteveS45 05/19/2016 Blueberry Yogurt
“ I won this is a contest and received the most personal service and fast shipping. I could not wait for this to age before I had to taste it and have been chain vaping this since filling my tank. The blueberry is just sweet and tart enough to be a realistic tasting vape and I can't wait for it to age so it gets even better! Since a No Frills e-Liquid is this good next is on to the premium line with the next order. 5 Stars for sure „
TSant 05/17/2016 Maple Glazed Doughnut
“ Maple right off the bat,then doughnut,smooth but yet a nice throat hit for MTL'rs. Not bad at all.  „
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