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Patrick 12/09/2016 Vanilla Mint Candy
“ YES! ANOTHER WINNER! I guess my "flavor profile" is fruits. My favorite juice I have ever tasted is the Dragon Banana one here from Tmaxx. But when I used to smoke cigarettes I smoked both menthol and non menthol. And I just got this delivered and I don't have patience to steep but Im telling you this is a beautiful minty vape. I been wanting a "menthol" vape. And now my quest is over. The touch of vanilla is just icing on the cake lol. You guys are the best. 120mls for 12 bucks is unbelievable. I got the SUPER MENTH too just in case its not minty enough but by the looks of it I won't be needing it, perfect blend in my opinion. „
kevin 12/07/2016 Blueberry Crumble
“ This juice has a good blueberry taste with a strong cut of cinnamon and nutmeg. On higher wattage's the stronger the cinnamon, the lower the wattage the sweeter the taste. As it ages the cinnamon relaxes and isn't as harsh. 50-60 watts seems to be a good range for me on this juice. „
kevin 12/07/2016 Dragon CranApple
“ This juice has a very good flavor right from the first day. This is the first multi fruit juice that I can taste every fruit flavor separately in it. As it steeps a couple of days it gets a candy sweet taste to it, but keeps the tartness of the cranberries. It is definitely one of my favorite all day vapes. Lower wattage's tones down the cranberries and brings out the dragon fruit more. 70-80 watts lets the cranberries sing and rejoice but not over powering. At any wattage you can still taste all the fruit flavors. Don't let this one get away!! „
Patrick 12/04/2016 Dragon CranApple
“ In my top 3 flavors so far sweet and tart real good „
“ this is good. im not a custard person. i like this. also the cinnamon is light and adds to sweetness. also really like that i can actually taste the flavors. other juices are too light flavored.  „
Patrick 12/04/2016 Dragon Bananafruit
“ Probably my favorite one so far. The banana is smooth and the fruits in it compliment it so good. „
Patrick 12/04/2016 Honeydew StrawPear
“ In my top 3 favorites from the line so far. Real tasty „
Matthew 11/22/2016 Cinnamon Dusted Doughnut
“ Great flavor. Just enough cinnamon to give it a little zing but lots of fresh doughnut goodness too :).  „
Shannon 11/22/2016 Cinnamon Dusted Doughnut
“ This juice is really good. The cinnamon flavor does not overpower the flavor of the doughnut. I am ordering 2 more bottles. One for my granddaughter. I highly recommend it for the price and quality. Steep for a couple weeks. It's great. Thanks to TMaxx's!  „
Cookiepuss 11/22/2016 Peanut Butter Custard
“ I order 3, 120 at a time. I have not found any other that comes close in value or taste. 1 great peanut butter custard, it taste like the description. pull the trigger if contemplating, you will not regret it... „
Shannon 11/22/2016 Cinnamon Dusted Doughnut
“ This one is really good. Light on the cinnamon so it does not overpower the flavor of the doughnut. This is the first juice I have tried online and I highly recommend it. I am ordering 2 more bottles. I will be trying more flavors in the future. I am really picky and make my own but this is great stuff.  „
Paul 11/22/2016 Maple Glazed Doughnut
“ I ordered this and one other flavor to try out the companies juices. I am not disappointed in the least, I love this flavor, even pre steeped it was smooth and like others have said not overwhelmingly sweet, perfect. I was skeptical so i picked up a bottle last week and I get asked all the time "What flavor that is that?" haha, it's a great mix of doughnut and maple. I will be buying all of the juices in this line eventually, great quality in both the juices and the bottles, quick shipping and a great price. Thanks again! „
“ I ordered two 30 mills and I love this flavor, even before I steeped it, it tasted great. After I let it steep for a week it was even more amazing tasting. I will be ordering again in the near future and have turned lots of friends of mine to this site when they need some great juice at a great price. „
Paul 11/22/2016 Peach Yogurt
“ This is easily one of my favorite all day vapes. I ordered from this company skeptical about cheap juices, wondering the flavors were going to be weak and I was totally wrong. The flavors are amazing, I don't even have to steep them. Thanks again Tmaxx :D „
Alex B. 11/22/2016 Blueberry Yogurt
“ This is the first liquid I tried from VW, it's great! This is my new go to juice vendor. „
Hobbit 10/24/2016 Homemade Apple Pie
“ I was told I needed to try this flavor, and I heard only great things about it, so I decided to go with Wrecker's boosted apple. I have no words to describe how good this is. You can really taste the apple and the crust at the end. My favorite was strawberry cake batter, but this flavor definitely took over. Absolutely fantastic :D You guys never disappoint. „
walldoo99 10/17/2016 Orange Cream Bar
“ This is the best orange cream bar I have found. I was shocked when it was ordered on thursday and it shipped friday and I got it on saturday. Then I saw the shipping address is across town, I could have picked it up. „
“ I thought the folks reviewing this juice were a little crazy thinking that potpourri or incense tasted good. I was in the process of stocking up on some tmaxx juice, and thought I better try one of the premium ones. Absolutely pleased that I decided to. This juice tastes just like it smells, which in this case is a great thing! This has some amazing "in your face" flavor, AND it has absolutely no harshness (70/30 3mg). Smooth as butta. I really can't describe the flavor other than incense/potpourri, but trust me, give it a shot and it'll be worth it. Especially if you like "different" flavors.  „
ROBERT ferragamo 10/17/2016 Strawberry Cake Batter
“ great adv but could use more strawberry but i just got so have to steep „
Bag-Of-Hammers 10/03/2016 Orange Cream Bar
“ This liquid blows me away. One thing I love about eating oranges is how it has a quenching feeling to it. This vape has that quality. It feels quenching. I crave it. It seems like a simple recipe. Not much to it. But it is amazingly delicious. Every time I hit it it's like "MG that is good" Every time. This is seriously good. „
“ Now I'm on my second delivery of "The Line" and I'm as happy as a dog with two tails. Even though I know I should leave them to steep for a while longer I can't resist a cheeky shake n vape. The flavours are spot on, the delivery is super quick, the communication I've had with the staff is like talking to an old friend. Easy and honest. And the value is incredible. What are you waiting for.... get yourself on the tmaxx train  „
Brian the OLD ONE 09/29/2016 Super Menth 15ml
“ Super Menth is the best this guy has tried to date but be careful very strong.will order again. „
“ You Guys seem to get better and better with each order of this juice.If you have not tried any of their juice you don't know what you are missing Luv You Guys „
Hobbit 09/17/2016 Strawberry Cheesecake
“ A little bit similar to the strawberry cake batter flavor for me, but different. I don't know what kind of black magic you guys are working with lol, but every flavor I taste from you is fantastic! Very delicious! „
Hobbit 09/17/2016 Strawberry Cake Batter
“ I have no words to describe how amazing this flavor is. Definitely my favorite so far. Awesome for breakfast sweetness, but for me, I could vape this magical flavor all day! „
Hobbit 09/17/2016 Vanilla Bourbon Custard
“ I was a little skeptical when I was about to try this, but it blew my mind. Amazing as always! „
Scott Lewis 09/16/2016 Strawberries and Cream
“ This Strawberries and cream is very interesting to me. I'm a huge fan of the fact that they went with a ripe/realish strawberry taste over an overly sweet candy version like so many companies do. The inhale is a great strawberry flavor and it even gives you that tangy feeling on your tongue like kiwi or ripe strawberry would if you ate it. On the exhale I am getting a very sour or tangy milk almost like a fermented milk. It might be possible that I need to let this liquid steep and the flavor profile will change, but I can say I am very surprised by the cream flavor I am getting. I am curious to try their yogurt and custard flavor now to see if either of them have the same flavor profile since I didn't expect it from a cream. It's still a great liquid and the cream part hasn't stopped me from dripping 2ml of it in the last hour.  „
Scott Lewis 09/16/2016 Lemon Pound Cake
“ I'm surprised this one is rated so low out of all of the flavors. This is my favorite out of the 4 I have tried so far (Lemon Pound Cake, Honeydew Strawpear, Strawberries and cream, and Chocolate hazelnut brownie). This is an amazing liquid right out of the box. I can't even imagine how it could improve with steeping. It's a lemon pound cake with a bit of something spicy in there that I can't quite figure out, but it's amazing. Every time I vape this I can't help but say how good it is to the point of swearing and yelling! The lemon isn't overpowering and the pound cake and spice in it is amazing. great inhale and exhale. all around my favorite liquid out of the 30 plus I have tried in my one month of vaping so far. Currently vaping on a kanger drip box RDA 0nic 70/30 and it's amazing!! „
Scott Lewis 09/16/2016 Honeydew StrawPear
“ So right out of the box I taste honeydew melon. I almost taste a bubbilicious watermelon as well, but that's likely the honeydew. I don't notice the strawberry or pear, but I'm ok with that as I love honeydew. I will allow to steep(if I can stop vaping it long enough) and see if the other flavors come out more. I am super satisfied with this and I find it to be very strong. most of the flavors I have had made from the local B&M store are way more expensive and not nearly as strong. If you like honeydew you will like this!  „
Jason 09/08/2016 Blueberry Doughnut
“ Very good, subtle cake, natural blueberry doughnut taste, don't forget to let it steep at least a week, at 2 weeks, it is even better! Order ahead of time so you can get in the steeping time for full enjoyment. „
theprimitivefarm 09/06/2016 Honeydew StrawPear
“ after hearing about this line on Mod Envy Live I decided to order. Of the five that I ordered this is the lightest of the flavors. I love big in my face flavors so of course this is not my favorite but sometimes light is nice. It will blend well with a nice glass of wine. I would purchase again. „
hunterws 09/06/2016 Vanilla Custard
“ Tastes just like the premium priced custards that claim they've been aged, etc. Great yummy flavor that won't disappoint. „
theprimitivefarm 09/06/2016 Pear Cake
“ again if you like strong vape juice you might be a tad disappointed It is an amazingly smooth light fresh vape. No fake nastiness here. it has a richness that is settling nicely in my throat and leaves a great aftertaste. The pear is very subtle one week into steeping. „
theprimitivefarm 09/06/2016 Maple Glazed Doughnut
“ Not either a maple or a doughnut fan in real food but for some reason I thought okay I have to try it. I am on the fence about this. One minute I like it and then the next I can do without it. it is only a week old so I am hoping that it gets in my face greatness, as it is it does have a smooth adv not in your face sweetness that you get sick of. „
theprimitivefarm 09/06/2016 Dragon CranApple
“ Saw this on Mod Envy live and ordered. This is now my addiction so I dont know whether to say thanks or to run screaming. I first purchased a 30ml bottle quickly ordered a 120ml because I knew that 30ml wasnt going to last long. I love how the sweetness and the tartness just seem the flow together effortlessly together. I emptied my 30 this morning and thank goodness my 120 gets delivered today. I am going to have to order again thank goodness there is a sale today. I dont want to be without this one.  „
theprimitivefarm 09/06/2016 Homemade Apple Pie
“ saw this juice on mod envy live and had to try it. I am picky and want lots of flavor. This delivers all I was hoping for tons of sweet appley goodness just like a fresh from the oven apple pie. love it I got the boosted flavor. „
GmaVapes 08/31/2016 Pear Cake
“ Out of the 4 I ordered I thought this would be my least Fave of them all, BOY WAS I WRONG!!! It is very fresh and tasty right out of the mail! I am in love! the taste is very pleasing to any pallet. The pear mixes so well with the cake and is not overwhelming! It is a must try! I can see vaping this as an ADV  „
BigLiquid530 08/26/2016 Peanut Butter Custard
“ I have tried a lot of Peanut butter Vapes and none have impressed like this one. Super creamy and smooth. I pretty much have a Kayfun Mini V3 dedicated to this juice. Don't hesitate to place your order.  „
Jason Kaine 08/23/2016 Lemon Pound Cake
“ I love this flavor, full on lemon pound cake 100% and on a dripper i'm even getting a poppy seed topping! Not sure if that is my mind playing tricks on me, but its there! Great stuff! „
Jason Kaine 08/23/2016 Strawberry Cake Pop
“ The strawberry to me is nice and mild, i still get the batter but what is amazing is that freshly baked cake right in the middle! Witchcraft i tell ya! *big thumbs up all day!* „
Jason Kaine 08/23/2016 Pina Colada
“ My review of this will be the same as the others, I am a huge fan on pina colada and have tried dozens! This is the BEST Pina Colada to date!! Hands Down Awesome, Perfect Balance and just the right sweetness! Glad i picked up 120ml cause this baby will be in my face most of the day! Ty Tmaxx!! „
Jason Kaine 08/23/2016 Orange Cream Bar
“ This flavor blew my mind, I was first hit with the sweet creme, then the lingering refreshing orange all through the exhale. Transported instantly back to carnivals as a kid, could even smell the cotton candy and corn dogs being cooked. This puts a smile on my face, until i see the empty bottle! „
Jason Kaine 08/23/2016 Pear Cake
“ Artfully crafted! The pear is perfectly balanced amidst the sweet but not overly sweet cake goodness. Unlike other pear's out there, this one is fresh and crisp! A must try!  „
Jason Kaine 08/23/2016 Lemon Creme Filled Doughnut
“ This flavor is off the hook!! Sweet and smooth lemon filling with a very delicious warm doughnut that actually makes your stomach growl! Easily an all-day-vape imo :) „
Jason Kaine 08/23/2016 Dragon CranApple
“ This hit me in the face like a delicious freight Train!!! Instantly one of my new favorite vapes of all time, Sweet full apple with that tangy Zing! a palette pleaser! My only regret is that i didn't buy a gallon of this!! 5 stars ALL DAY! „
Kevin 08/22/2016 Peanut Butter Custard
“ It is my ADV. Only thing it needs is more peanut butter!! IMO it just isn't enough PB but otherwise its delicious „
G Robinson 08/19/2016 Strawberry Doughnut
“ I always keep a bottle or two of this on hand. It is one of my ADVs. Great Flavor and a smooth vape „
G Robinson 08/19/2016 Blueberries and Cream
“ Amazing Flavors Nothing bad to say other than I should have gotten a bigger bottle :).  „
Coralline Algae 08/17/2016 Lemon Pound Cake
“ This is a perfect pound cake with just a hint of lemon. Seriously good. It's very well balanced, and best of all, it isn't too sweet. Easily the best lemon flavored desert vape I've had. ADV worthy. 8/10 after 3 weeks steeping. With more steep time it may go up.  „
OLD ONE 08/16/2016 Dragon CranApple
“ FIRST TIME TRYING THIS FLAVOR,Still this is very good will try again „
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