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Codger59 05/16/2018 Vanilla Bourbon Custard
“ As great as the vanilla and strawberry custard are, this one was kinda disappointing. I recognized the recipe right off the bat, having had the same/similar from at least 2 other vendors. The "bourbon" is more coconut flavor than bourbon. It's not a bad flavor per se, just that I'd already had it - and already knew it wasn't a fav. „
CountryPami 05/16/2018 Blueberry Crumble
“ Love this one so much it's in my Top 20! Strong and natural blueberry with a sweet bakery crumble. Tastes exactly the way you would expect it to. And it's not overly sweet. 3mg/.5ohm/22watts. „
Brandon 05/16/2018 Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie
“ I ordered 120ml at 50PG/50VG. Vaping this on a Smok Stick V8 Baby is brutal. Tastes like inhaling baker's cocoa. In the same TFV8 Baby tank on a variable wattage mod (Smok AL85), it's just delicious. Definitely vape this under 40 watts - I start at 30 and slowly go up as the coils get gunky and the cotton gets icky. Higher wattage might be good if you prefer a higher VG mix. Feel free to experiment to satisfy your own tastes, of course, but I just LOVE that Vaping Watch includes the recommended wattage in their descriptions. „
Rene. F 04/30/2018 Pear Cake
“ this and pistachio ice-cream are my absolute favorites definitely all day vape juices never get tired of the flavor, highly recommend. „
“ Excellent flavor! I am hooked on this very tasty flavor. Love the cinnamon...difficult to wait for it to steep, it is great right out the box. Wonderful ADV. „
“ One of the best doughnut flavors they make, imo. Makes a wonderful ADV! „
“ This juice is really good. One of their better doughnut flavors. Makes a great ADV! „
Rick C. 03/07/2018 Orange Cream Bar
“ I like this flavor, but it's not my favorite. It needs to have more orange flavor punch and a little more sweetness to it to make it really come out as the flavor I expected. The best "Creamsicle" flavor that I've ever tried was a tangerine cream flavor that is no longer available (the company is no longer in existence). That flavor was exactly like the Cream Sickle flavor that I remember as a kid. I love lots of the other No Frills Mls flavors, so this doesn't discourage me from the brand. „
Rick C. 03/07/2018 Strawberry Doughnut
“ I love this flavor, it's rich and sweet. You can certainly taste the fresh strawberry flavor and on the exhale you have the cake doughnut. It is a satisfying vape that I can enjoy all day long. I will be ordering this one again for sure. „
Rene 03/07/2018 Pistachio Ice Cream
“ The flavor is just so delicate and rich and complex I love vaping it all day and never get tired of it. I highly recommend it, it's a must buy. „
Ryan Scott 02/07/2018 Raspberry Ice Cream
“ How does this juice not have more reviews? Seriously, this is one of the best juices I've ordered from these guys. This tastes EXACTLY like raspberry ice cream. Fruity raspberry on the inhale with creaminess on the exhale. I vape this at 22 watts 50/50 6mg Nic. I ordered this in a 30ml just to try it and I will be ordering a 120 after typing this review. If you like ice cream this juice is for you. Keep up the awesome work Tmaxx!!  „
Castello 02/07/2018 Pluid 30ml (Normal Formula)
“ Not loving this pluid. Seems oily and way overpowering. Not like I remember from the heyday „
Nev_117 02/07/2018 Pina Colada
“ It's an ok flavor. It's heavy on the pineapple. It leaves much to be desired on the coconut and creaminess of the overall flavor though.  „
Nev_117 02/07/2018 Cinnamon Graham Cracker
“ This is a great flavor! I left the first bottle i ordered to sit for a few months before I tried it. When i did though, wow! The cinnamon and graham cracker go really well together. The cinnamon is noticeable up front without having a sharp bite. The graham cracker goes so well with the cinnamon. This is the best new flavor i've tried in a long time. That's saying a lot since i've been vaping for 5 years. If you like bakery or custard flavors, you'll like this one. It seems to hold up pretty well on coils too which is always a plus. It's not one of those commercial flavors that you feel are way too sweet. I'd highly recommend this one.  „
“ Tastes great right out of the box, needs no steeping. This is the first food flavor I've had that I would like for an ADV, very accurately described. Great job, VW, and I'll be back to reorder! „
BlackHole 02/07/2018 Pistachio Ice Cream
“ I love a nutty vape. And, I adore pistachios. I steeped, let it breathe for 3 hours and filled my tank immediately. As hard as I tried, I could not put my finger on the nut. I truly enjoy TMAXX eliquids. But for me, this one missed the mark. I don't like vaping it. :-( „
adl1976 11/08/2017 Strawberry Cheesecake
“ good flavor right out of the box....cant wait till it ages a bit.... „
ole dirty vaper 11/08/2017 Maple Glazed Doughnut
“ Love this juice. I have been purchasing juice for well over year from this company exclusively.They have hit the trifecta. Amazing product, service, and quality.  „
HillbillyPig 11/08/2017 Strawberry Banana
“ Good flavor, but fairly lacking in the banana. I've let it steep for 2 and a half weeks before trying it. Maybe some more time will bring it out more, but I doubt it. The strawberry is very good though, it definitely tastes like a handful of fresh strawberries thrown in a blender. It's just a shame about the banana, though maybe others can taste it better than me. Either way a fairly solid flavor and a good addition to your collection. „
keith j 10/13/2017 Kentucky Bourbon Custard
“ nice rich taste bourbon is not over the top, custard is just right. will be try your other juices. you guys hit a home run with this one. „
Scott 10/13/2017 Strawberry Custard
“ Got the Strawberry custard and the Vanilla bourbon custard few weeks ago along with 6 other flavors. I like how the bottles are labeled with the born on date. I let them steep 3 weeks. Fired these 2 up yesterday and I am very surprised how good they taste. Vaping at 50w with a BBB tank with Joyetech Pro C2 .15 coil. Going to try the other 6 flavors I received with these soon. Great value and taste for the money. I'll be ordering more soon. Keep up the great work! „
Turnthedamnwattsup 10/13/2017 Homemade Apple Pie
“ Boosted is killer. Love it. I wish all the flavors on the Tmaxx Line has a BOOSTED option „
Brandon 09/20/2017 Lemon Pound Cake
“ This has been my all day vape for about 5 months now. It's lovely. Most lemon flavored ejuices I have tried taste like lemon cough drops. These taste like an actual lemon pound cake. A slight zesty tang and some sweet cake flavor. Neither side is overpowering. For those of you that live in the southwest of the USA, this tastes exactly like a lemon pound cake from Circle K (minus icing). Another plus, is that due to the simpleness of this flavor, it does not really need a long steep time.  „
“ I love this juice!! Normally I switch between 4-5 flavors when I am home, but this juice has me sidetracked! I do take a different juice to work (24mg), but totally look forward to getting home and vaping some KBC!!! You guys are awesome!! „
Tmaxx@VapingWatch 09/14/2017 Vanilla Mint Candy
“ I had an extreme hate for Menthol when I was smoking After a few days of being sick I couldn't taste anything I vaped it all started with a 30ml of Vanilla Mint some how this has became my all day vape ever since I got sick I have 8 120ml bottles in rotation now  „
Pat 09/12/2017 Kiwi Strawberry
“ Let me be the first to say its delicious. Really smooth. Well balanced and easily a ADV. In my top 3 from you guys.  „
Perris 09/12/2017 Blueberry Custard
“ I wanted to try this one but was really scared too as all the blueberry juices i have tried came out tasting like soap. NOT this 0ne. Imagine my amazement when the first inhale i swear i was eating blueberry pie.Amazing mix wizards you got there!!!! „
“ I love this juice is is an ADV for me. Has a very strong distinct flavor of citrus and anise, I only wish that it was available in larger bottles.  „
Tx Vaper 09/12/2017 Strawberry Taffy
“ This stuff is fantastic. Sweet, slightly tart, strawberry candy. An ADV for sure. „
kevin 08/24/2017 Blueberry Cake
“ no cake at all...tastes like blueberry and coconut „
“ Nice flavor, the cinnamon and custard go well together without the cinnamon being over powering. So far the 4th juice bought and would buy any of the 4 again. Cant wait for this weeks order!!!!  „
Raymond 08/24/2017 Blueberry Custard
“ This is by far the best blueberry juice I have had to date. It has been in my daily rotation since I bought it. Now it will be a juice I am never without. Great job.  „
celticluvr 08/24/2017 Kentucky Bourbon Custard
“ OMG!!! So good! I got this juice after hearing Vapor Joe (from Vaping Underground and VULive) rave about the deliciousness that is KBC. He sold me on the hint of coconut. I got my juice and immediately put it in my tank. I was in hog heaven and it is now in my top three juices of choice. What I get from it is actually a bit more than a hint of coconut. To me it tastes like an Almond Joy without the chocolate. I actually just had to order some more today as I am completely out and I'm craving that scrumptious treat!  „
BigGunn 08/07/2017 Strawberry Banana
“ The gang has done it again! Excellent flavor but not too sweet. I love it! „
Bill V 08/07/2017 Vanilla Creme Doughnut
“ This is the best Vanilla I have vaped to date. I have been vaping for almost 3 years now and have enjoyed a ejuice like this. This is in my everyday vape rotation and i do not see my taste buds changing. Very smooth and creamy. You guys knocked it out of the park with this flavor.  „
DCS 08/07/2017 Strawberry Custard
“ I'm not a fruit-vape fan - actually ordered this for the wife...but... This.is.the.best.strawberry.anything I've ever tried. Smooth, creamy, not overdone on the strawberry. Wife absolutely loves it, but she's gonna have to fight me for it...at least until I re-order :) „
Tx Vaper 08/07/2017 Orange Cream Bar
“ this stuff is good, tastes exactly like an orange cream bar. Nice creamy, orange vape. I just wish they offered boosted orange (like they do for apple pie) „
DCS 08/07/2017 Vanilla Custard
“ This. is. the. best. vanilla. custard. I've. tried. Hands down, no comparison. Smooth, creamy, not too sweet. Just f'n right. Will definitely be ordering this again. And again. :)) „
Moore 08/07/2017 Cinnamon Graham Cracker
“ Awesome flavor! This tastes a lot like a local vape shop I go to, but it's actually a churro flavor. I am assuming this is the base they use, or something similar. can't stop now, this is my go to purchase for e-juice! „
BCBuch 08/07/2017 Cinnamon Funnel Cake
“ Great vape. More subtle than Custard Filled Cinnamon Roll. A lighter dryer vape with a mild flavor that would be a good adv.  „
BikerJR1 08/07/2017 Pear Cake
“ Damn! This is just a explosion of sweet goodness. The flavor, take a vanilla birthday cake with frosting cover it in fresh pears then stick a tuff of cotton candy on top. You don't have to run this hot. I get all this flavor running it on a Kanger Subtank Mini with 1.2 ohm coil (newer round style) at 12w/3.9v off a Eleaf Pico 75TC mod, air flow on smallest setting. Plenty of cool vapor, max flavor for MTL vaping. Unlike some sweet vapes, this one I can vape all day. „
BCBuch 08/07/2017 Homemade Apple Pie
“ I ordered 3 flavors each in 0 and 3mg nic, 50/50 PG/Vg, in 30ml bottles. I got them this way to cut them down to 1.5 nic and then steep them. While hey were steeping I ordered 2 Maganus Cloud Blaster to try them in. So far I have used the Homemade Apple Pie with flavor boost and the Custard Fille Cinnamon Roll. this vape is good but the apple coul stand be a little tart or maybe a hint of sour lemon added just to get the flavor closer to an actual apple pie. The juices were steeped long enough that they turned a light to medium amber color. The juice is good, vapes well and is a fairly decent cloud producer. It was close on the flavor side of things but could just came up a little short in my book. Better than most apple I have tried though. „
Lisanne 08/07/2017 Cinnamon Graham Cracker
“ This is an absolutely amazing flavor, and in my opinion TMaxx created one of the overall BEST FLAVORS I have ever vaped!!!! The cinnamon is perfectly blended together with the best graham cracker flavor!!! My highest and honest recommendation is that Cinnamon Graham Cracker by Tmaxx is easily an ADV that you will never get tired of, as its flavors go together so well that buying the 120ml is the only way to go! NOTE: I had the pleasure of winning a 15ml bottle to be a taste tester and I really hit the jackpot getting this flavor to try!!!! PLEASE KNOW THAT I AM GIVING AN UNBIASED OPINION. The only way I can review a flavor is by being totally and completely honest! „
Bethany 08/07/2017 Peanut Butter Custard
“ So this was my very first time ordering from Vaping Watch (besides the super menth for my husband). At first I thought this juice was decent, you know..just good..not great..not bad. Now that it has had a little time to mature, wow, what an amazing change! Its an excellent flavor and I'm really impressed! Now I understand why every review I read from this company is a 5 star! I really love the quality and the fact they don't spend all kinds of needless money trying to make their "brand" look good but fall short on flavor like SOOO many others do! So will I be back?? Hell yeah I will!!  „
“ Right now it is a toss up as to which I like better this one or Cinnamon Funnel Cake. Custard Filled Cinnamon Roll is a little sweeter with a thicker presence in your mouth. It seams to have a little more moistness to it. Good vape. „
“ Was ordered in 0mg and 3mg nic, 50/50 pg/VG, in 30ml bottles and mixed to make 1.5mg nic. Steeped until a light to medium amber color and loaded into a brand new Maganus Cloud Blaster. Light custard and cinnamon with a pleasant creaminess to it. A good vape that produces full flavor an decent clouds.  „
BCbuch 07/26/2017 Homemade Apple Pie
“ I ordered 3 flavors in 30ml bottles 0mg and 3mg nic. I blended them down to 1.5 nic and steeped until the juice ha turned light to medium amber color. This juice is good but could be little better. Good apple pie is made with Granny Smith apples. They give it a little hint of tartness. That can also be accomplished with a little lemon juice. I ordered this juice with the flavor booster. It is better than other apple I have tried, but comes up just a hair off. It produces good clouds and has decent flavor. just not quiet there yet on the recipe. „
Tom 06/18/2017 Peach Yogurt
“ This is a great juice. When you first get it let it steep for awhile the flavor just keeps on getting better.  „
Danette 06/16/2017 Strawberry Banana
“ I am loving the new flavors. Straight out of the bottle it is fantastic. Loads on flavor but not so sweet you want to put it down. A hit here at the shelter I work in. „
Danette 06/16/2017 Cinnamon Graham Cracker
“ Just received this juice and decided to give it a whirl. Closed my eyes as I exhaled and was amazed that it tasted just like the name says without the dryness and grit of the real deal. Easily can be an all day vape. Another winner „
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