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Strawberry Taffy
Brand: Tmaxx's No Frills Ml's
Product Code: TMX-STRTAF-39
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Strawberry Taffy


Every time we went to the beach when I was young, I always talked my parents into letting me get the "Saltwater Taffy" sold at nearly every retail establishment at the beach.  While I never really picked a favorite flavor (there's just too many options), there were a few I  particularly loved.  Strawberry Taffy was one of those flavors. 

Tmaxx has brought back a flash of my youth with this flavor.  He's once again balanced everything beautifully and somehow captured the essence of a Taffy.  No, it's not going to stick to yout teeth like the real thing, but the flavor is spot on!  As usual, perfectly balanced to be an all day vape.

This flavor holds up remarkably to higher temperatures and doesn't scorch, burn, or break down at very high temperatures.  We felt it was at its best in a dripper at 120w, but it was truly a close call as there's not a huge difference at all temperatures.  We feel comfortable recommending this flavor for all temperatures and equipments.

As Tmaxx's No Frills Mls are made to order, these flavors require 1 to 3 days processing time depending on sales volume.

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