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Mellow Melange

Mellow Melange
Brand: Mad Murdock
Product Code: MM-M4
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Mellow Melange

Review by Vapeon86

Mad Murdocks  - Mellow Melange (M4)
This juice is extremely difficult to describe, as the flavors seem to change with literally every puff. Sometimes it's cinnamon- red hots cinnamon. Sometimes it’s cinnamon, but the pastry kind of cinnamon. Occasionally there is a little bit of a banana taste in there. Vanilla and clove are flavors that are pretty constant, but sometimes stronger than others. There is some kind of holiday spice in there that I can’t put my finger on. Sometimes there is even an almost bubblegum sort of taste present. The one and only thing I can count on not to change is that Mellow Melange is ALWAYS delicious!

Mellow Melange:

By itself, it's a fabulously complex spicy flavor.....just potent enough to be able to pick out the more bold flavors, but it also has subtle nuances you'll never quite figure out.  Taste is subjective, and everyone will get something different, so don't take my opinion as gospel.  I get Cinnamon and vanilla as the more robust flavors and a complex mix of clove and nutmeg with hits of chocolate and coffee.  Every bit the convoluted flavor mix we've come to expect, and appreciate, from Murdock.  It's an absolutely fantastic juice!

Then...........mix it with Pluid.  Holy hell, vaping nirvana!!  You will swear Pluid and MMMM are friggin tailor made to be mixed together!  To my palate, every single subtlety and nuance that's in each flavor is complemented by every single subtlety and nuance of the other!  Then you have the other, more prominent flavors of each and, I swear, they smooth out the rough edges of the bolder flavors while enhancing the flavor itself! The first time I tried M4, I thought to myself, "Wow, this is a really good juice!".  Then I tried a 50/50 mix of MMMM and Pluid and said, out loud, live on my show, "Holy s--- , this is good!".


Attention:  All of our juices we sell on this site have Propylene Glycol in them to some degree.  If you have a sensitivity or allergy to Propylene Glycol, please use care when ordering any juices from vapingwatch.com.  

Vaping Watch Inc makes all juices in large gallon to five gallon batches in order to offer the most consistent flavors possible.  We cannot alter the percentages of the VG, PG, or Nic on any of our juices. 




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